Car Insurance Quote Comparison – Questions With Answers

What Does Insurance Cost?
Car insurance prices can vary widely between companies. You can only compare quotes from different companies to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

When does coverage start on a new policy for car insurance?
Once the application has been completed and the first payment is made, coverage begins. You can also create a new policy that will be effective at a future date, which could coincide with an expiration of an existing one.

What options are available when buying a new policy.
When you receive a rate quote, make an informed decision. Each state has its minimum requirements. Every Florida auto insurance policy must include coverage for PIP/PD (Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability).

When is it the best time to buy new car insurance?
It doesn’t matter when it is, you can get a great rate. Consumers often compare rates when they receive renewal notices for existing policies. Policyholders will also shop if a change to their policy has a significant price impact, such as the addition of a young operator.

How do I compare auto insurance quotes from different companies?
Review your current policy first. Be sure to review your policy carefully. Compare auto insurance quotes from various companies to find the same or similar options.

How can I cancel my policy if I move to another company?
A signed request is required to cancel an existing policy. For more information, contact your agent or company. Most often, a signature is not required to change companies after the expiration date of an existing policy.

How can I tell if I’m getting all the discounts that I qualify for?
Ask about any discounts. You can get a rate quote with a variety of discounts. It is not unusual for one or more to be overlooked. Ask again

Do I have to include my spouse on my policy?
The application must include information about your marital status. Either your spouse can be included in the policy or they can create their own. Florida is like most other states in that the spouse of the named insurer automatically gets the same privileges.

How can I make monthly payments for a new car insurance plan?
Yes. Many companies offer discounts if you pay in full. A Florida FR44 is a filing for DUI drivers. This is a notable exception. This policy type cannot be cancelled in Florida, so companies will need to pay the full amount.

Which method of payment is best for purchasing a new auto insurance policy?
There are several payment options available: Cash, check, credit card or debit card; electronic funds transfer and electronic funds transfer. Some companies do not accept all methods of payment. Cash payments can only be made at the local insurance office.

Can I cancel my policy?
You will only be refunded the portion of your payment that was not used if insurance coverage was extended to the policyholder for any length of period, even a single day. Florida law allows policyholders to cancel within 60 days of purchase or sale.

Will I be covered if my car is driven by someone else?
On the application, all household members and/or regular users of the vehicle must be listed. You will generally be covered if a friend, relative or neighbor borrows your vehicle infrequently. Policies that cover only drivers named on an application are less common.

What does credit have to do with my insurance rates?
Each customer is assigned an insurance score by companies using a proprietary system. This score is just one of the many attributes that companies use to place customers in different tiers and rankings at different prices. The score is determined by credit bureau information.

Why should I pay more for my insurance if I send it by mail instead of using electronic funds transfers?
Electronic billing allows companies to pass on the savings they make to customers. Companies have a better rate of retention (maintenance policy renewal) when electronic billing is used. This motivates companies to offer discounts. The method of payment can have an impact on how much insurance costs.

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