Changing Your Driving Habits Can Lower Your Insurance Rates


Are you a good driver? Even if they have one or two bad driving habits, most people will answer yes to that question. These bad driving habits can increase your risk of being in an accident with a motor vehicle. You can avoid accidents by addressing bad driving habits. This can also help lower your insurance rates.

Talking or texting while driving can lead to many accidents every year. According to some studies, the driving behavior of those who text or talk while driving is very similar to that of those who drink and drive. It is illegal in Canada to text or speak on the phone while driving because it is dangerous.

These dangerous behavior are still common. You can be ticketed if you’re caught texting or talking on the phone while driving. You may also be distracted, and in some cases you could be involved in an accident. Your insurance rates will likely rise in either case.

Another bad habit is tailgating. You increase your chance of getting into an accident by tailgating. You will also cause serious irritation to the driver in front. Drivers may slam on their brakes when they are tailgated.

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Accidents involving hitting another vehicle in front of you will be considered your fault. You will have to pay higher insurance premiums. Tailgating is not worth the risk.

Speeding or driving faster than the speed limit is one of the most dangerous bad habits that drivers have. Speeding can be dangerous and increase your chance of getting into an accident. Because you travel faster, it takes longer to stop.

You may not be able stop your car quickly if you have to stop suddenly. You may be stopped by a policeman or ticketed for speeding in some instances. The fine will not only affect your pocketbook, but it may also affect your insurance rates when you renew your auto policy.

Another bad habit is distracted driving. Are you a coffee drinker? You can find stations on your satellite radio. Do you use makeup while driving? People are often in a hurry today. People are often rushed and make poor driving decisions. Drivers with small children in the back seat are often the most distracted.

Keep your eyes on the road. It is better to pay attention to the road than to strain to see your children in the backseat. To address any problems, pull over to the side of traffic.

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It can be difficult to break bad habits. You should allow enough time for your destination to arrive so you don’t rush or tailgate. You may need to seat an older child or another adult in the backseat if you have a young child.

It is a good idea to keep your phone away from your car so you don’t get distracted by texting or talking on the phone while driving. You can pull over to the side if you have to answer the phone or make a call. These bad habits will not only reduce your chances of getting in an accident but can also lower your car insurance premiums.