Chase Ultimate Rewards guide

Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be redeemed for cash back, gift cards and experiences as well as airline and hotel partners such as Southwest Airline tickets. Fixed redemptions usually provide exceptional value while transfers to hotel partners often deliver more than average return.

Additionally, certain Chase Ultimate Rewards cards offer attractive transfer bonuses that can increase the value of your points. This guide will explain each redemption option available.

Shop through Chase

Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal gives cardholders an opportunity to earn bonus points when shopping at hundreds of online retailers. Cardholders can access this feature by logging into their Chase credit card account, clicking on the shopping portal link, selecting their retailer of choice and following it through to complete their purchase and earn their rewards. Using the shopping portal is free but cardholders should note that earning rates differ among cards and may change over time.

Cardholders should also be mindful that Chase Shopping Portal does not permit additional coupons or discount codes, and always check the terms and conditions before making their purchase.

Cardholders of Ultimate Rewards points can use them for merchandise and travel experiences of their choosing, from cash back and gift cards from major retailers, Amazon purchases or Apple purchases, or transfering them to Chase’s airline and hotel partners without incurring fees or delays – provided their points balance meets minimum threshold requirements before considering transfer options. To take full advantage of transferring points between accounts without incurring penalties.

Transferring Ultimate Rewards points to airline partners often provides the greatest return, since each Ultimate Rewards point can be worth up to 1.5 cents when redeemed for airfare or hotels. Cardholders can find their ideal redemption values by exploring all available redemption opportunities offered by Chase’s airline and hotel partners.

Ideal, cardholders should aim to accumulate as many points before their points expire, which they can do by shopping through the Chase portal, transferring them to partners, and redeeming them for travel. Plus, bonus points may be earned simply by tracking offers and promotions on various websites they like!

Transfer to airline and hotel partners

Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be transferred at a 1:1 ratio to airline and hotel partners at no cost, becoming part of their programs when transferred, with their currency used for redemptions.

Chase cardholders may find more lucrative redemption opportunities through airline and hotel partnerships than they would through using Chase Travel Portal, particularly for business and first class flights. Furthermore, these redemptions often require less points.

To redeem for airfare or hotel stays, log into your Chase account and choose “transfer to travel partners” from the dropdown menu. There you’ll see a list of available partners along with how many points are required and their estimated values; once you select one you need to enter your frequent flyer/loyalty account number as well as verify how many points would like transferred – these transfers usually happen instantly and final.

Each of Chase travel partners offer different levels of value for your Ultimate Rewards points. Some redemption options stand out, while others provide consistent value to most travelers. United MileagePlus can be especially valuable when booking business and first class flights as it doesn’t pass along carrier-imposed surcharges which could save hundreds when booking elsewhere.

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer provides exceptional value when redeeming award flights, with affordable first class awards on domestic United flights compared with what Delta charges per mile. Another outstanding redemption option for first class travel between the U.S. and Japan can be found with ANA first class awards for just a fraction of what Delta would cost per mile award redemptions.

World of Hyatt hotel redemptions remain popular with hotel customers, providing exceptional value even after devaluations of premium rooms. Other hotels such as Marriott and Hilton tend to charge higher prices for top-tier rooms; for some travelers this extra expense might be worthwhile in exchange for better accommodations and greater convenience.

Fixed redemptions

Depending on how you wish to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points, your options for doing so vary significantly. Choose from direct statement credits or gift cards; transfer them directly between partners; or redeem for travel–often offering the most significant value!

Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be redeemed for flights, hotel stays, car rentals, tours and exclusive experiences – from flights and hotel stays to car rentals and tours – with many airline and hotel partners offering high-value awards. But if travel isn’t your priority just yet you can also redeem them for cash back or gift cards with less than 1 cent per point value – perfect if no travel plans exist yet!

Your Ultimate Rewards points can also be earned faster by shopping through the Chase online mall, which features retailers that typically earn 2x or more points on Chase credit cards. Some stores even qualify as travel categories to maximize points earned. Plus, frequent flyers may find even greater redemption value by transferring them directly to one of Chase’s 14 airline and hotel partners; though Chase only typically provides 1:1 transfer ratios; there may occasionally be transfers bonuses that increase this value to 1.5 or more cents per point!

Redeem your Ultimate Rewards points for gift cards that typically give 1 cent per point in value, merchandise through Amazon or third-party retailers like Best Buy (in some cases bonus rewards may apply); alternatively you could redeem them cash back or merchandise redemptions up to a total quarterly maximum of $1500 total cash back and merchandise redemptions; any further earnings must be pursued via other redemption methods.

Additional promotions

Chase Ultimate Rewards is a flexible points currency that can be redeemed for airfare, hotel stays, car rentals, tours, exclusive experiences, statement credits and gift cards. Furthermore, its program enables users to transfer points between airlines and hotels to maximize value from your miles; but keep in mind not all loyalty programs provide equal returns; make sure to do your research to identify which will offer the greatest return.

Ultimate Rewards points are earned most frequently through qualifying for and spending in categories with higher earning opportunities on a credit card that offers sign-up bonuses or ongoing earnings opportunities. But there are other methods of amassing points beyond these traditional strategies.

One way is through shopping through Chase’s Shop with Chase online mall, where you can earn up to five times more Ultimate Rewards points on select purchases. In addition to any earned from your card’s bonus categories, these additional points can be redeemed for items such as apparel and electronics. To access it simply login to your Chase account and select the “>” symbol in the Rewards box on the top right of your screen.

An alternative way is to purchase gift cards at retailers that provide bonus points for certain purchases, like Lyft rides and subscriptions to DoorDash or Instacart+; such cards offer threex points on qualifying rides as well as three months free subscriptions; these credit cards may even allow for up to $1,500 of bonus spending each quarter when combined purchases fall into their bonus categories.

Referring friends for Chase credit cards can help you earn extra Ultimate Rewards points, with up to 5,000 bonus points awarded per referral (your friend can qualify for the same welcome bonus that you did when they open their card). A maximum of 10 cards may be referred.

An easy way to gain Chase Ultimate Rewards points is opening a bank checking or savings account with Chase. Right now, they are offering up to $200 in cash back when opening an account and making at least $500 worth of purchases within three months of opening it.