Cheap Auto Insurance for College Students

Your four years at college will be some of the most memorable in your life. Except for the concussions and drunken debauchery that you conveniently forgot. But it’s not all fun. The average college student is not able to pay for 10 pages of papers, which you procrastinate over for weeks and then finish them the next day. The cost of books for the semester is astronomical. Add to that the rising costs of rent, tuition and insurance. We have the solution to your last problem. You can get affordable online car insurance even if you are under 24. Keep your jaw up and continue reading.

– Good Grades

This is possible by putting an end to procrastinating with papers. What does your grade have to do? There are many factors. Students with good grades are eligible for discount car insurance from many auto insurance companies. This usually means a grade of B+ or higher. If you need motivation, other than the possibility of receiving scholarships, it’s seeing your parents’ relief when they realize they didn’t fail and disappointment and the possibility of getting a job that doesn’t involve flipping hamburgers.

Low Mileage

We have a solution to kill two birds with one stone. Actually, there are three. We feel that PETA should be kept out of our hair by saying that we don’t mean it literally. Your insurance rates will not be affected by animal cruelty. You don’t know what else will lower your insurance rates. Driving less. Low mileage may get you lower insurance rates or discounts. Walk instead of driving next time you feel the urge to go to the bar. You can also ride a bicycle for longer distances. This will not only save you money on insurance but it will also help to combat the Freshman 15. The third (non-literal) bird? bird? Walking and biking are great ways to improve your finances, especially with rising gas prices.

– Used Cars

Although driving a sports car may increase your popularity, it won’t improve your auto insurance rates. Every expensive car shouts “Look at my!” To the entire world, even thieves and vandals. A sports car shouts “Look at my Mr. Robber!” Also, “My owner is statistically very likely to be an inexperienced, reckless, young punk who will cause accidents and make a lot of claims against you!” The insurance company can’t be blamed for charging a high premium for this car. A rotting, creaky, old buggy will not help your case. It is more likely to fail and will cost you a lot to maintain. A car like this is also easy to steal and is not as secure as you thought. You can’t blame your insurance provider for charging a high premium for this car. You can find a great deal on a used car in mint condition that has been driven very little and has only had a few years. You want a car that doesn’t attract too much attention.

Credit for defensive drivers

Another way to kill multiple birds is by having a defensive driver’s credit. It will make you a safer driver. This means that you’ll be less likely to get in accidents, get tickets and file fewer claims. It’s the second one, and it’s good news. Many car insurance companies will offer generous discounts for you to complete a defensive driver credit. We don’t offer a third bird.

Safe Driving

This is a simple one. We’ll admit that sleep deprivation and caffeine may have influenced your mind. Your insurance rates will drop if you have a clean driving record. Your chances of being in an accident or filing insurance claims will be lower if you drive more carefully. Don’t drink and drive. You are putting your life, and the lives of others, at risk. Your insurance provider might reject your claim and drop you from their client list. You may not find a provider that will cover you, but if they do, you should expect to pay outrageous insurance premiums.

– Parental Policies

This is for college students who are younger and still live with their parents. It could be a more cost-effective option to get your Automobile Insurance added instead of buying your own. Were you kind enough to thank us? You should. You don’t need to eat only cup noodles or work the graveyard shift at your local Taco Shop to pay for your auto insurance.

Bethany Collins is a home-based worker and a mother to two very naughty children. She lives with her husband. She is a single-passionate reader and has a passion for topics related to personal finances, car insurance, etc. She enjoys writing about topics such as managing your budget and getting the best car insurance quotes. Saving money and investing are some of her favorite topics.