Cheap Auto Insurance in Alabama at Your Fingertips


Alabama has 4.6 million residents, so you can get affordable auto insurance in Alabama regardless of your driving record. This southern U.S. state is ranked 23rd in terms of population and has many nicknames like “The Yellowhammer State” or “The Cotton State”. The most well-known nickname is “Heart of Dixie”. Alabama’s economy has thrived since the late 20th-century and still today thanks to aerospace, automotive, and biotechnology jobs. They, along with the major industries in agriculture, mining, and steel-making, have enabled a lot more motorists to use the roads of Alabama every day.

You can find affordable car insurance if you’re one of these drivers. Alabama has 128 auto insurance companies. These include Liberty Mutual, Geico, and Progressive. Be aware that not all insurance companies are licensed or authorized in every state. Make sure you only choose an Alabama-licensed company to provide services for Alabama drivers.

What You Need to Know About Alabama Car Insurance

The average premium for auto insurance in Alabama was $1420, while the national average was $1735. Every driver must have liability insurance in order to drive a car. Alabama’s minimum requirements include a $25,000/$50,000 Bodily Injury Liability coverage limit and $25,000 Property Damage Liability coverage limit. You can choose to have car insurance or to put up a $50,000 bond or deposit. Alabama law requires that you have proof of insurance on your vehicle in order to drive in Alabama. Your car registration will be suspended if you drive without proof of insurance and are stopped by a cop.

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Alabama follows the Tort system. This means that a person has to be found responsible for the accident. They will also be held responsible for any damages caused by their insurance provider. You should find out details about the Tort system in your state. It varies from one state to the next.

Factors that Influence Your Car Insurance Rate

Here are the main factors companies consider when determining your car insurance premium. They will consider your driving habits, driving distance, driving experience, vehicle theft protection, driving history, household size, and whether you have auto insurance. Providers will also consider your gender, marital status and driving records, as well as vehicle type, accident claims, credit rating, occupation, and age. Before you speak to a company about affordable auto insurance, make sure you carefully consider these factors. You can save hundreds of dollars each year by adjusting some of these factors.

Alabama: Cheap Car Insurance Search Online

You don’t need to spend a lot of time calling the insurance companies in Alabama to find cheap car insurance. You will be given the opportunity to choose the package that best suits your needs when you receive quotes from many providers.

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It’s easy to find cheap auto insurance online. Make sure you have all the paperwork and prioritize your needs. All you need to do now is to click away and enjoy the ease of purchasing your Alabama auto insurance.