Cheap Car Insurance and Car Safety – Loss of Driving Licence


Losing your driving license can cause a lot of problems for many people. It also makes it very expensive in terms of paying for insurance and compensation for not having one. Many people believe that your license is lost due to a drunk driving conviction. Although this is true, it’s possible for your license to be revoked or suspended in many other situations.

You will usually find a clause in the statute or on your license that states you must be in good physical health to be eligible for a driving permit. In other words, if you have any health problems you must notify authorities. They may take your license away or require you to undergo certain medical tests that will determine if your medical condition has an impact on your ability to drive. Because it is more difficult to determine what medical conditions are than the severity of them, the authorities will use a different approach.

If your vision becomes progressively worse over time, it is clear that you are at risk of losing your ability to drive safely. This should be reported to the appropriate authorities. You may also be unable to drive safely if you suffer from epilepsy. A licence is not required if epilepsy can be controlled using a variety medication.

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Apart from any health issues that must be reported, the most common reason people lose their licenses is a conviction for drink-driving. Refusing to take a breath test can result in your license being revoked. This is a form of admitting guilt that the courts and legal system take into consideration. In other words, you could lose your license if you refuse to give a breath test.

A collection of points can cause your license to be suspended. Points are usually given to car owners and motorists for minor traffic offenses. This includes speeding, driving through red lights, or other violations of the motor code. Speeding is an example of a minor traffic offense that may result in a small number of points. This can quickly add up if you are convicted of speeding multiple times within a short time period and exceed your overall limit of points on your license. Your licence would be suspended for a specific period of time if you are convicted of speeding. Keep in mind that motorists could lose their license for one speeding offense if the speeding offence was deemed serious. Some states will advise motorists that if they are caught speeding, they will be sent to jail. It is important to determine if this is a serious threat.

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Another situation that could result in a motorist losing their licence is when they are involved in an accident. If a motorist is involved in an accident, they are required by law to inform the appropriate law enforcement authorities and help prevent future accidents. They can be disqualified from driving if they don’t comply with these requirements.