Cheap Car Insurance and Car Safety – Vehicle Inspections


It is important to know whether your vehicle requires a statutory inspection. It is normal to assume that a vehicle will fall into one of these two categories when buying a car. The vehicle may be brand-new, or relatively recent. As such, it probably doesn’t need a statutory inspection.

It will usually have a manufacturer guarantee that covers parts and labor for a specific period. Dealership deals may be available that extend the warranty over a specified period or provide additional coverage such as breakdown insurance, optional windscreen cover, etc.

The second type of vehicle is anything that does not fit into the above categories. It is difficult to define what makes a vehicle new or near new. However, it is most likely to be a car between two and three years of age. Cars can also be 20 to 30 years old. A vehicle inspection is not required for vehicles older than 30 years. However, the law does not make it clear if a vehicle requires a vehicle inspection. It is worth looking into the requirements in your area and where the vehicle will be used.

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Even older cars will often come with a warranty. This can be offered either by the dealership or an insurance company. A warranty offered by an insurance company can be purchased as an option to extend your car insurance.

The terms and cost of such a warranty can vary greatly and you will need your vehicle inspected before the insurance company grants you this coverage. Although such coverage in the form of extended warranties can be quite expensive, it is a benefit that supposedly gives you peace of mind. This peace of mind is available even if you don’t need to file a claim. However, it can often be tested if you do.

You should be aware of the requirements for vehicle inspections. Also, know what testing stations are available and what limitations it may mean to not have one. Although it is unlikely you will deliberately avoid a vehicle inspection it is possible that someone might forget or not realize that the vehicle needs to be inspected on a specific date.

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This, in addition to being illegal, could also have implications for car insurance. The car insurance may be dependent on the vehicle being inspected and passing inspection.

Vehicle inspections are usually very basic and have only one purpose. They verify that the vehicle is roadworthy. The inspection will examine the vehicle’s tyres and oil levels, as well as other mechanical and structural components. These inspections are not equivalent to an inspection that must be done or should be performed on a vehicle before it is purchased.

This inspection will give you some relief, letting you know that the vehicle is in good condition and you can buy it. The legal vehicle inspection is usually very basic. It is intended to evaluate the vehicle’s safety components and ensure that it is safe to drive.