Cheap Car Insurance and Car Safety – Winter Driving and Emergencies


Winter brings with it many hazards that motorists need to be aware of. This applies to those who live in areas where extreme winter conditions are common, as well as motorists who live where they do not expect to experience extreme winter conditions.

Winters are becoming more severe by their very nature. Driving in these conditions is more dangerous and treacherous than normal. This is especially true at night and when it is dark. Winter months tend to make driving more dangerous.

It is important to understand your vehicle’s reaction to wintry and icy conditions. Different cars react differently depending on whether they have a front-wheel drive or a rear wheel drive. They also depend on what kind of brake system they have and how big the vehicle is. The driver’s ability to maneuver in a skid will also play a role. Any type of ice or snow can increase your chances of getting into a skid. Knowing the right techniques to deal with them will save you from an accident or a crash.

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It is also sensible to allow more time for both your journey and stopping between vehicles. To ensure safe braking distance, there are clear limits to the distance between you and the vehicle in front. When the weather is severe, these distances should be increased. It is important to know your route and where you are going. Although this may seem obvious, it can be easy to miss landmarks or signs in extreme circumstances.

It is also a good idea to have a basic supply list in case of an emergency. You can have a blanket or rug, food and jump cables, as well as a phone and any numbers you may need in advance. It is a good idea to have a shovel and ice scraper if you have the space. In certain circumstances, either of these tools can prove to be life-saving.

It is important to advise others before, during and after a long journey. Also, let them know when you expect to arrive. Although it may sound dramatic, this piece of advice has been used in many places around the world, such as Australia’s outback. It is also a good piece of advice to follow if you are traveling in winter conditions that could make you vulnerable.

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Stay with your car in case of an emergency. You can use interior lights, flashlights and other devices to draw attention from motorists. Use your cell phone to call the emergency services. Stress that you are not alone, that you have elderly relatives nearby and that children have been with you. As a matter urgent, impress upon emergency services that your situation is fragile and you have immediate needs.