Cheapest car insurance in Kansas

According to the latest available data, 2015 saw more than 60,000 accidents in Kansas. This resulted in more than 18,000 injuries and 355 deaths. Kansas car insurance is an essential part of financial planning. You can protect your financial future from the destruction that could result from an accident.

Kansas has a median cost of car insurance that is $410 per annum for minimum coverage and $1698 for full coverage. This is close to the national average. You might want to find the lowest car insurance rates in Kansas if budget is your main concern. The Bankrate insurance editorial team conducted research that could help you make an informed decision about car insurance.

Kansas has the cheapest car insurance

Kansas requires car insurance, just like it is in many states. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to get coverage. The average premiums for Kansas’ largest companies by market share were reviewed by Quadrant Information Services. We also considered other aspects, such as discounts, coverages, and third-party rankings.


USAA is widely regarded as one of the most affordable and reliable insurance companies. Not all drivers are eligible for coverage. USAA sells insurance policies only to veterans, active duty military personnel, and certain family members.

The average Kansas premiums for USAA are quite lower than the state average. USAA offers discounts for safe drivers, good students, garaging vehicles on military bases, driving infrequently, and insuring new vehicles.

Iowa Farm Bureau

Iowa Farm Bureau sells insurance throughout Kansas, even though Iowa Farm Bureau has the “Iowa” in its name. This is because they have a network that allows them to connect with agents. The average premiums for full and minimum coverage are significantly lower than the average in the state. You may want to consider the optional coverages by adding roadside assistance and replacement cost coverage.

Farm Bureau has the discount you need. Driveology, the company’s telematics program, could save you money. If you’re a safe driver, a student or have multiple cars insured, you may be eligible for a discount.

State Farm

State Farm is the biggest car insurance company in America, accounting for more 16% market share. State Farm is a great choice if you’re looking for low average rates and a personal, agency experience. State Farm has an extensive network of agents in Kansas that can assist you with your auto insurance needs.

Drivers have many savings options. State Farm offers two safe driver discount programs: Drive Safe & Save (for adults) and Steer Clear (for teens). State Farm offers traditional discounts to those who are safe, good students, have a car with safety features and insuring multiple cars.


Farmers may be a good choice if you’re looking for a company that offers additional coverages at a lower rate than the average. There are many options to customize your policy. You can add guaranteed value coverage and customized equipment coverage. Ridesharing coverage is also available. Rental car reimbursements are also available.

Farmers doesn’t advertise discounts, but you can save money by bundling auto and home policies, insuring more cars, and avoiding accidents. A telematics program called signal is also offered by Farmers. This can help you save money and improve your driving skills.

American Family

American Family’s Kansas average premiums are higher than the state average. However, you may still be interested in a quote. There are a variety of optional coverages available that could help you get the coverage that you need. These include accidental death and dismemberment coverage as well as gap coverage and rental reimbursement.

American Family offers discounts to help lower your premium. There are standard discounts available, such as savings on multiple vehicles, multiple insurance products, and vehicle safety equipment. You can also find more options like the KnowYourDrive discount, which is available to young volunteers, and a generational discount that applies to children who have gotten rid of their parents’ policies.

Affordable coverage for Kansas drivers

You must have the minimum state-mandated coverages, limits to drive legally in Kansas

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $50k bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 for property damage
  • $25,000 uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury per accident.

Kansas is a state that does not have fault and requires drivers to have personal injuries coverage (PIP). These are the limits for PIP:

  • $4,500 per person to cover medical expenses
  • $900 per month, for one year, for income loss or disability
  • $25/day for in-home services
  • Funeral, burial, or cremation services: $2,000
  • Rehabilitation expenses: $4,500
  • For one year, Survivor Benefits: $900 per Month for Loss of Income or Disability
  • For $25 per day, in-home services for one year

The lowest rates are often paid by drivers who have the minimum coverage required by the state. If you are involved in an accident that results in injuries or damages beyond your insurance limits, you could be responsible for large out-of-pocket costs. Insurance professionals advise that you buy higher limits to increase your financial protection.

You will not be covered for any damage to your car if you have minimum coverage. Full coverage is required for this. If you have a loan on your vehicle, you may need to have full coverage.

How to Get Cheap Kansas Car Insurance

Kansas drivers have many other options than choosing an affordable insurance company. Here are some suggestions:

  • Find out what your needs are. Do some research on local insurance companies. You can identify what you want in an insurance company to help you choose the right carrier for you.
  • Compare quotes: Compare quotes from multiple insurance companies to find the one that best suits your needs. This is one of many ways you can determine which insurance company offers you the lowest rate and the coverage you need.
  • You should look for discounts. Insurance companies often offer discounts that you can benefit from. Your premium will be affected by certain discounts more than others.
  • Increase your credit score: Insurance companies often look at your credit score when determining your premium. You might be eligible for a lower rate if you have a better credit rating.
  • Your deductibles can be increased: Full coverage policies have two deductibles. One for collision, one for comprehensive. You will need to pay more out-of-pocket if you have a claim for damage to your vehicle. However, your premium may be lower if you increase either one or both of these deductibles. In the event that you have to file a claim, make sure you choose a level that is reasonable for your financial situation.

An agent can help you determine how much insurance you should have and what discounts may be best for you.

Questions frequently asked

Which Kansas insurance policy is best?

Kansas drivers have many options for car insurance. However, the best Kansas car insurance depends on your specific needs. This includes your driving record, credit score, credit history, and the type of vehicle you drive. You might get quotes from multiple companies to help you choose the best option for your needs.

What is the average cost for car insurance in the United States?

The average cost for car insurance in the United States for full coverage is $1,674 per annum and $565 for minimal coverage. Kansas’ average cost for full coverage insurance is $1,698 per annum, slightly more than the national rate. Kansas’ minimum coverage costs $410 annually, which is quite a bit lower than the national average. Each driver will pay a different rate depending on their individual rating factors.

How can I get an insurance quote

Many car insurance companies offer an easy online quote tool. You will need to provide some information about yourself and your vehicle in order to get an instant rate estimate. To get a quote, you can either call an agent or visit a local office. Your address will be required along with the name, date, and driver’s license numbers for each driver that you wish to insure. The vehicle identification number (VIN), for each vehicle that you are requesting a quote, will be required. Although some companies will provide quotes without VINs for vehicles, the VIN contains specific information about your vehicle, which can help make the quotes more accurate.