Cheapest car insurance in Montana


Montana driving is an excellent way to see the natural beauty and wonders of Big Sky Country. There are more than 800,000. licensed drivers in Montana. 73,000 miles of open roads in the state are also available for exploration. To meet legal requirements and protect your financials in the event of an accident, you should have a car policy.

Montana drivers typically pay $342 per year for minimum coverage, and $1,737 per year for full coverage. There are many companies offering lower than average premiums if you’re looking for Montana car insurance. Bankrate can help you find the right policy for your needs and budget.

Montana has the cheapest car insurance

You may want to find the lowest possible policy because car insurance in Montana is required. Quadrant Information Services was used by Bankrate’s editorial team to get current premium information from the top Montana insurance companies based on market share. To find the most affordable companies , we also considered coverage options, discounts available and third-party ratings.

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These companies could be a good place to start when you are looking for Montana’s cheapest auto insurance.


USAA provides auto insurance for military personnel, veterans, and eligible family members. You can get the lowest average minimum and full coverage premiums, as well excellent customer service, if you meet the eligibility criteria. USAA does not qualify for J.D.’s official ranking. Power is not eligible for J.D.’s official ranking. However, the carrier received the most points in the Northwest Region of the 2020 U.S. Auto Insurance Study.

You might also consider adding roadside assistance or accident forgiveness to your coverage. USAA offers several discounts that can help you save if your budget is a priority. A discount might be available for purchasing a vehicle, garaging it on a military base or storing it while you’re deployed, as well as insuring your car.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest U.S. insurer. It offers auto insurance through a network local agents. The company is a good choice if you prefer to handle your insurance face-to–face. State Farm offers a variety of insurance products, including home and umbrella policies. They also offer banking services.

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To lower your insurance costs, the company offers many discounts including the popular Drive Safely and Save program. You may also be able to save money by purchasing multiple types of State Farm insurance, insuring multiple vehicles, and having safety features installed on your vehicle. State Farm has many optional coverages available, including ridesharing coverage, car rental reimbursement and emergency road service.

Farmers Insurance

Farmers may be the right choice if you’re looking for an auto insurance policy that is highly customizable. Farmers has many options to customize your policy to meet your needs, including rideshare and roadside assistance. Farmers offers special coverage for collectible and classic cars.

Farmers doesn’t offer many discounts, but it is possible to save money by having multiple policies, multiple vehicles, or being accident-free. The Signal program is another option. This uses a mobile app that tracks your driving habits to create a personalized discount based on this information.


Geico’s Montana average minimum and full coverage premiums are slightly higher than the average state, but the company could still be worth considering if you’re looking for a basic policy that offers many discount options. J.D. also gave Geico the highest ranking. It is also the Northwest Region’s highest-ranking company, so it may be worth considering if you want excellent service.

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Geico is well-known for its long list of discounts that can lower your premium. Federal employees, military personnel and alumni members may be eligible for discounts. If your vehicle is equipped with safety features or you have multiple policies from Geico, you may be eligible for a discount.


Although Progressive’s minimum coverage premium average is higher than Montana, the company also offers lower-than average full coverage rates. Progressive offers a range of optional coverages that you can add to your policy. These include loan/lease payment coverage, custom parts coverage, equipment coverage, ridesharing coverage, and roadside assistance.

There are many coverage options that can be customized to your policy. You may also find discounts that could lower your premiums. For savings, you can combine policies, order your quote online, buy your policy paperless, or pay in full. Snapshot Safe Driver Program may be an option for you to receive a discount tailored to your driving habits.

Montana drivers must have minimum coverage

Montana, like most states, requires that drivers have at least the minimum state-mandated insurance coverage. To be able to drive legally in Montana, you need at least these coverages:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per individual
  • $50k bodily injury liability per accident
  • Property damage liability of $20,000
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These coverages do not meet the minimum requirements. Insurance professionals recommend that you buy higher levels of coverage to ensure greater financial protection.

Insurers are also required to offer uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. These coverages can be rejected by the insurer in writing

  • $25,000 uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage per person
  • $50,000 uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage per accident

Montana’s minimum coverages only cover liability. There is no coverage for damage to your vehicle. Comprehensive and collision coverage is required if you are purchasing a loan or lease. Your financial institution may require you to have full coverage. They may also have requirements regarding your liability limits and deductibles.

How to Get Montana Car Insurance at a Cheap Price

It is possible to save money on Montana car insurance. There are many ways to increase your savings.

  • Compare multiple quotes: Comparing quotes from different providers for the same coverage may help you to find the best rate.
  • Use discounts: One of the best ways to save money on car insurance is to use discount codes. Your premium might be lower if you choose a company with multiple discounts.
  • Your credit score should be improved. Drivers with poor credit scores tend to pay more because they are statistically less likely to file claims. Your car insurance premium could be lower if you improve your credit score.
  • Your deductibles can be increased: A full-coverage policy includes two deductibles. One for collision and one for comprehensive. Your premium will be lower if you increase one or both your deductibles. If you need to file a claim for vehicle damage, make sure that you select a level you can afford.
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You might be able to save more money by speaking with a representative or agent from your company.

Questions frequently asked

Which Montana insurance policy is best?

While personal preference is the most important factor in determining the best car insurance in Montana, there are many other factors that can be considered. Strong contenders are those that have a good reputation for customer service, strong financial strength and competitive rates. Because everyone has different needs when it comes to car coverage, it is important to understand what you want and compare multiple quotes to find the right company.

What is the average cost for car insurance in the United States?

The average cost for car insurance in the U.S. was $565 per annum for minimum coverage, and $1,674 for full coverage. The average Montana premium is $342 per year for minimum coverage, and $1,737 per year for full coverage. Montana drivers pay less for minimum coverage than national averages, but more for full coverage.

What happens if I’m caught driving in Montana without insurance?

Montana law requires that car insurance be purchased. Driving without insurance could result in fines, suspension of your license and even jail time. You will be responsible for any damages or injuries that you cause to others if you are not covered by insurance. This can cause financial stress and could lead to suspension of your license.

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