Cheapest car insurance in Utah

Utah drivers spend on average $1.306 per year for full-coverage car insurance, and $528 per annum for minimum coverage. Utah drivers should consider more than just the average rate of a company to find the best car insurance. They also need to look at its financial strength, customer reviews, and coverage options. To help you find affordable car insurance, Bankrate has reviewed the top insurance companies in Utah based on market share.

Auto insurance is not only a legal requirement in Utah, but it can also be one of your most valuable financial protections. According to the Utah Department of Health, a car accident occurs approximately every eight minutes. Someone is also injured in a crash about every 20 minutes. And someone dies from a collision every 33 hours. Car accidents can be expensive, especially when injuries are involved. Insurance can protect you against the financial ruin of an accident.

Utah has the cheapest car insurance

Many drivers desire to find the lowest priced company because car insurance is an essential expense. When shopping for auto insurance, there are many factors to consider, including customer service ratings and availability of digital tools. However, finding a low premium is often the most important factor.

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Based on market share, Bankrate was able to determine the average annual premiums of top Utah carriers. These providers offer the lowest average rates in Utah, according to our research.


USAA provides coverage for both retired and active military personnel as well as their immediate families. USAA coverage may be an option for you if you’re eligible. USAA consistently receives the top J.D. every year. USAA receives top J.D. Power marks every year for customer satisfaction. However, it is not eligible for an official ranking because of its eligibility restrictions. It also offers members a discount on military installations, good students discounts, and a length of membership discount.


Geico has low rates before you add any savings options. However, it also offers many discounts that will help you save even further. A discount may be available if you are a military or federal employee, a student, a safe driver, or have completed a driver training program. Geico is a good option if you prefer to manage your policy online. Policyholders can manage many aspects of their policy online through the company’s mobile app and website.

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The average premiums for Farmers are middle-range, although they are still lower than Utah’s. Although the company doesn’t offer discounts online you may be able to save money by having a clean driving record and bundling your policies, or signing up for Signal, the company’s telematics coupon. Farmers offers many optional coverages including ridesharing, customized equipment coverage, and spare parts coverage. Farmers also offers insurance for collectible cars.


The average premium for Auto-Owners might be slightly higher than that of the state, but this could be because the company offers many optional coverages. Your policy can be customized by adding optional coverages such as loan/lease gap coverage and diminished value coverage. You also have the option to add rental car reimbursement or roadside assistance. Auto-Owners offers many discounts to lower your premium. This includes a substantial paid-in-full discount, paperless discount, and multi-policy discount when you bundle your auto policy.


Progressive offers a wide range of discounts and optional coverages that will allow you to customize your policy to meet your specific needs. Consider options such as ridesharing coverage, custom parts and equipment coverage and a savings bank with deductibles. You might also be able lower your premium by purchasing your policy online, getting a quote online and continuing your insurance. Progressive’s unique tool, the Name Your Price tool allows you to enter your car insurance budget. Then you can see different coverage options within that price range.

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Minimum coverage for Utah drivers

Utah has minimum requirements for car insurance coverage. Utah mandates that all drivers have 25/65/15 liability protection. To legally drive in Utah, you need to have the following:

  • $25,000 per person to treat bodily injuries
  • $65,000 per accident to treat bodily injury
  • $15,000 for property damage

Utah drivers must also have minimum $3,000 personal injury protection (or IP)

Although Utah’s minimum liability limits are lower than some other states, they could still result in you having to pay out-of-pocket costs if you are involved in an accident. Insurance professionals recommend that you buy higher liability limits if possible.

Also, the minimum state coverage limits do not cover damage to your vehicle. full coverage is required. Your lender may require that you carry full coverage insurance if you have a car loan or lease.

How to Get Cheap Utah Car Insurance

It is possible to get lower coverage in Utah, even though the average Utah full coverage premium may be a little higher than the national average car insurance cost. There are many steps that you can take to help you find the right coverage for you.

  • Compare quotes from multiple insurance companies. This will allow you to compare coverages and discounts as well as premiums. Each company has its own rating algorithm so the best car insurer may not be right for you. A person with a clean driving record will get different quotes than someone who has been in multiple crashes.
  • Discounts: Insurance companies often offer discounts that can be applied to your policy. Before you decide on a company, ask an agent what discounts are available.
  • Improve your driving record. Keeping a clean driving record can help you lower your insurance costs by reducing your risk.
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Questions frequently asked

Which is the best Utah car insurance company?

Every person’s insurance needs will be different so the best Utah auto insurance company will differ. Some companies might be more suited for teens, while others may specialize in antique or classic cars. Still, there may be other better options available to those with multiple policies. It can be helpful to get quotes from several companies in order to narrow your options.

Is Utah a no-fault state?

Yes, Utah is a state. No-fault insurance is your personal injury protection coverage. This pays your medical bills as well as those of your passengers up to the coverage amount.

What happens if I don’t have insurance in Utah?

Utah law requires that you have car insurance. You could face a fine or suspension if you are caught driving with no insurance. You are responsible for any injuries and damages caused by an accident. You will need to pay out of your own pocket if you don’t have car insurance. It could result in a lawsuit if you’re unable to pay. A car insurance policy may seem like an additional expense but it can save you a lot of money.

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How can I get an insurance quote for my car in Utah?

Online quotes are available from many companies, but you can also call or visit local agencies. Name, date of birth, and drivers license numbers for all licensed drivers in your household as well as any other driver who uses your vehicle regularly will be required. The vehicle identification number (VIN), for each vehicle you wish to insure, will be required. It is helpful to have an idea of what coverages you would like to purchase, but an agent can help you determine the best level for you.