Childminders Insurance – Your Legal Obligations

As a childminder you will have to manage the behavior of your children and ensure their safety and health. It is legal to have Childminders Insurance Protection in place in the event of an emergency.

Do you provide childminding services?

You need to ensure that you are adequately covered for the unexpected when you work for yourself, or care for children of others. It’s easy to get Child minders Insurance coverage.

Childcare Regulations

If you are launching or managing child care services, you will need to ensure that you have the right insurance.

Young people can bring new concerns to small businesses than other types of small business. Security is the most important word in these times.

Your premises should be free from danger. This is why structured regulations are in place regarding registration and risk evaluation. Ofsted will require you to register if you are responsible for children under eight years of age. The laws for slightly older children over eight years are less strict and childminders can register if they wish.

You must register as a caregiver for very young children (under 5 years) on the Early Years Register. If you are the childminder for children over five years and up to eight years, you will need to register on Childcare Register. Those caring for older children can register if they choose.

Child Care Assessments

Depending on which register you’re on, Ofsted may visit your residence to conduct a risk assessment.

The ofsted website states that home inspections are usually conducted with “little to no” prior notice ( blank ). This is something I strongly agree with as a parent. These inspections are done within seven months of the person starting to care for children. Inspections of the next child care register group are done at random and whenever an issue is raised.

Child Minders Insurance Protection Issues

You’d want to protect your business just as you would any other. These do not have to be expensive, but it is important to determine what is and isn’t covered by your policy.

You will be looking after others as customers, even if they are very small ones. This is why you should have adequate Public Liability Insurance policies.

Public Liability Insurance This covers you if a member or the public is affected by your actions. This is the basic description, but for children the most important aspect of what you want to protect will be the possibility of compensation claims if anyone is injured while under your care.

Employers liability insurance policies – As an employer, you are legally required to have employers liability insurance policies. This provides coverage for damages that an employee may cause to your company, such as if they are injured by heat.

Equipment Insurance Protection – No mater what type of service you have, there will be a certain amount that is expensive to replace or take. However, most child-minding services are run from the home of the childminders so you should make sure that equipment is covered by your home insurance policy. These aspects are usually included in small-business insurance policies policies so it can be tailored to your particular small business.