Cold Calling – Understand the Rules of the Game

It is essential that we understand the rules of any game before we can play it. This will help us determine if we are able to use the game effectively. You can learn how to use the rules to your advantage, and what pitfalls you should avoid.

Cold calling may be the most successful prospecting method. Cold calling can be an effective way to get clients for new agents.


Selling can be a difficult business, especially when you make cold calls. There will be people who call you back before you can even finish your name. Others may even slam your phone on your ear.

There are people you may believe you are interested in them, but you find out they want to obtain free information at your expense. Sometimes you may have doubts about whether you should keep calling after many futile attempts. You may find 10 excuses to not touch the phone again.

Are you a person with the right qualities?

Despite all the challenges, there are still insurance agents who excel at cold calling. They possess many qualities, including mental toughness, perseverance and self-motivation.

If you believe you possess these basic skills, you can move on to finding strategies to win the game.

How do you play the game?

Here are some techniques you might like to use when making cold calls

(1) Avoid wasting too much time on self-introduction. Most people are not patient enough to wait for their turn.

(2) Use your voice to inject energy by speaking faster and louder. Your script should become second-nature. As if you were having a conversation about something with friends.

(3) Don’t spend too much time talking to anyone. You can tell if the person you’re talking to isn’t going to make an appointment by their tone of voice.

(4) Let people speak. Chatters and people love to talk. It is possible to learn about their interests and build rapport with them.

(5) Create your own scripts that are unique and interesting to grab people’s attention. People aren’t likely to listen to the same thing they have heard before. Some people may just put the phone down.

(6) Tell them what you have to say. (6) Give reasons for prospects to listen to you. You could offer a money-saving tip or new market coverage. Tell the prospect that you are not looking to sell them, but rather to help.

(7) Set goal. Instead of being time-driven, be result-driven. Instead of calling for 2 hours, make 10 appointments. You can keep calling until you fill your calendar with appointments.

(8) You can join other agents to cold call if you find cold calling alone depressing. You will get more calls if you compete with them.

(9) Make a compelling argument why cold calling is a good idea. You can promise your loved ones that you will get x amount of appointments before the end of each day. You can also look at the monthly bills that you have to pay.

(10) Take a break. Find the right time to relax. You can reward yourself with a few more calls by spending some time doing the things that you enjoy most, such as listening to your favorite song or having a brief chat with your loved one.

You must also know how to quickly recover from rejection. Prospects saying “no” often makes us feel like we are losing. We don’t actually lose anything. Cold calling is a service. Your goal is to help the community learn about insurance. If they do not receive the service you desire, it is their loss.