Comprehensive Insurance or Third Party Car Insurance in Dubai

A report states that more than 3000 accidents are reported each year in UAE. This is very concerning. UAE RTA laws are more stringent to ensure motorists’ safety due to this high number of accidents.

UAE has made car insurance mandatory. If you don’t want to lose a lot of Dirhams, you can spend a little now on your car insurance policy.

Before you proceed, take a look at the situations in which you can claim for car insurance in UAE

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We have listed the different types of UAE vehicle insurance. This car insurance comparison will help you find the best policy.

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What is Third Party Insurance (TPL)?

The cheapest vehicle insurance policy is 3rd party insurance in Dubai. This policy offers limited services in the event of an accident and is therefore cheaper than the other.

This policy covers only damage to other vehicles or property that is caused by your negligence. It doesn’t cover your loss. There are no medical expenses, repairs or anything else.

If an insured vehicle is involved in damage to another person, the driver can contact his insurance provider to get compensation for the injuries or repair costs.

Why do people choose this policy over another? Its cost effectiveness is the key to its success.

This policy is popular with those who feel confident in their diving abilities.

I will just say that if you purchase this policy from a car insurance company in UAE, your repair costs must be paid by you.

You will need to pay an additional amount if you wish to have fire and theft coverage.

What’s Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Simply stated, comprehensive car insurance includes third-party car insurance and the repair or medical expenses that are incurred as a result an accident.

Does it sound better? It is.

This policy is more expensive but offers a wider coverage. It’s better to save Dirhams than regretting a bigger financial loss later.

Comprehensive car insurance Dubai covers all expenses. This policy protects the driver regardless of fault, fire or theft.

Keep in mind:

  • Car loan applicants should have comprehensive insurance. To protect your vehicle, the bank will require you to buy it for at least the term of the loan. Depending on the bank policies, you may be eligible for other benefits.
  • Dubai insurance policies do not cover alcohol-related damages.
  • You should fully understand all terms and conditions.
  • Compare vehicle insurance in UAE