Is Connecticare Good Insurance?

Connecticare offers individual, family and Medicare Advantage health plans as well as group options. Plus discounts including electronic billing are also provided.

The company offers plans categorized by metals, with bronze plans having lower premiums and gold plans having higher ones. Most customers opt for silver plans which provide mid-level coverage with deep cost-sharing subsidies.


Connecticare provides consumers with various plans, discounts and digital tools to assist in selecting their ideal plan, such as mobile apps, account management platforms and tailored customer service. They provide individual health insurance as well as Medicare Advantage coverage options in Connecticut and parts of Massachusetts (Westchester Putnam Rockland & Orange counties) respectively.

ConnectiCare, along with Anthem and CTCare Benefits Inc, are three insurers currently selling plans on the exchange. In its rate increase request, ConnectiCare stated its need to comply with two laws passed last year which mandate breast and ovarian cancer screenings as well as two mental health wellness exams every year.

SOLO is a high-deductible health plan offering members tax-free savings accounts to cover qualified medical expenses. This plan provides members with access to a network of doctors and hospitals as well as Teladoc primary care and dental coverage as well as an integrated pharmacy providing discounted prescription drugs.

Silver-level plans offer four HSA plans and three plans without an HSA option, with the former featuring lower deductibles than marketplace options and offering primary care visits at $30 copays; all other plans have higher deductibles that may cause confusion with customers.

Connecticare goes beyond offering plans by offering its policyholders digital tools and resources such as health and wellness apps, educational materials, cost calculators, as well as resources tailored specifically for people living with chronic conditions or disabilities; these resources enable them to receive quality healthcare while making informed decisions regarding their healthcare coverage.


Connecticare offers individual health insurance plans tailored specifically for Connecticut residents. Their Choice plans provide access to physicians and hospitals within an extensive network, covering Connecticut, 28 counties of New York state and portions of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Connecticare also offers free preventive care and emergency assistance – plus direct access to specialists without referral. They’re part of EmblemHealth group in New York – one of the country’s largest non-profit healthcare providers.

Connecticare not only offers a broad selection of insurance coverage, but it also offers customers discounts such as paperless billing discounts that save them money while helping reduce environmental impacts. Customers can take advantage of Connecticare’s online tools for managing policies – these include mobile apps and websites that allow access to health and financial records from any location.

One key consideration when purchasing any insurance policy is how quickly it processes claims. Ideally, insurance companies should process them within three to four business days; this may depend on the complexity and type of claim filed. It is also a good idea to take into account a company’s customer service reputation when making your selection.

Connecticare insurance plans typically cover drug rehab treatment, though coverage varies from policy to policy. They generally cover most forms of addiction treatment (including medication-assisted therapies). Furthermore, some policies will offer mental health services.

The Hartford Business Journal recently recognized ConnectiCare Benefits as Connecticut’s premier individual health insurer, overshadowing market leader Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and HealthyCT in terms of signups on its exchange.

Customer service

Connecticare Health Insurance Company offers an array of coverage options for individual and family plans, Medicare Advantage plans and group health coverage options to its members. Connecticare strives to offer its members quality service at an affordable cost while offering multi-policy and wellness incentive discounts as well as providing online customer support and a mobile app so policyholders can manage their policies more easily.

Connecticare’s customer service department is available around the clock to answer your inquiries and address your concerns. With an excellent track record in terms of efficient claim processing and friendly, knowledgeable employees, Connecticare strives to resolve disputes swiftly and efficiently; in 2007, according to Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey (CAHPS), Connecticare was ranked #1 for customer satisfaction among Connecticut health plans.

Access Health has received an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and been accredited by NCQA, both of which indicate quality service delivery. As part of HIP family of health plans, its network covers Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and Orange, Putnam Rockland and Westchester in New York Counties – leading provider in region recently named one of Best Places to Work in Hartford; products available on state marketplace Access Health exchange as of writing this piece; decision made backtracked upon shortly before leaving market entirely but remain part of exchange at this point – good news for consumers looking to keep choices in their market exchange options!

Mobile app

Connecticare’s mobile app makes managing insurance policies and personal information online easy for consumers, enabling you to access policy documents as well as submit claims and find healthcare providers. Being able to manage your account while on the move saves both time and money – while improving overall experience. When considering this mobile app for yourself, take note of its features and capabilities to ensure it fits with your digital preferences.

No matter your health needs, Connecticare makes finding new doctors or specialists fast and simple. Its search functionality filters results by location, language and specialty – giving you full doctor profiles with photos and contact info as well as their medical groups membership status as well as education level and certification status – so that you can even check if the physician is accepting new patients!

Connecticare app’s electronic billing discount can save you money every month on premiums; be sure to enroll during open enrollment period for this offer to take full advantage of it. In addition, wellness programs also offer discounts from Connecticare.

Connecticare, part of New York-based EmblemHealth group, provides Connecticut residents with an array of health and wellness benefits. Plans offered through Connecticare include free preventive care visits as well as access to specialists without referral. Furthermore, group health plans for businesses and organizations are also provided through this company.

Online account management

Connecticare Health Insurance is a leading health insurer in Connecticut, offering customers comprehensive coverage options and discounts. From its user-friendly mobile app and online tools to personalized customer service and an expansive network of healthcare providers, Connecticare provides personalized attention while saving them money on monthly premiums through multi-policy and wellness program incentives.

ConnectiCare provides coverage to over 240,000 members across Connecticut, and is one of two insurance providers operating within its market. ConnectiCare plans range from HMO, point-of-service (POS), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and individual products to Medicare Advantage plans; in addition to offering wellness programs and financial rewards for healthy behaviors.

At their website, policyholders can easily update and make payments. In addition, their mobile application makes accessing policy details and managing claims more manageable on-the-go. In today’s age of digital disruption, insurers must offer convenient ways for policyholders to manage policies and pay bills – offering apps can play an essential part in their customer’s decision-making process.

ConnectiCare has long been a fixture in Connecticut’s health insurance market, yet faces tough competition from other large health providers such as Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and UnitedHealthcare – which all vie with Connecticare for customer satisfaction ratings. Connecticare currently holds a D rating with Better Business Bureau with relatively few justified complaints; nonetheless, Connecticare strives to improve customer service as well as develop additional tools and resources for policyholders.