Contents Insurance for Your Business


Your business’s property will be one of your greatest concerns if you own a business.

Many small businessmen have been awakened at night by intruders in their shop below or by an alarm at his remote office.

Business owners are responsible for the security of their property. There are insurance options for business property contents that will protect your company from all the risks. This insurance coverage is available to either business property tenants, lease-holders, or owner occupiers who have business contents on the premises.

Theft, and particularly the contents of business property, is one of the greatest risks to your business’s property.

Although they are not often seen stealing buildings, thieves regularly target commercial properties to steal their contents.

Accordingly, insurance policies covering business contents will be assessed for theft on two main counts.

It is primarily the location of where the contents are kept. Your business will be more expensive if it is located in an area with high theft risk, according to statistics provided by insurance companies.

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The value of your business’ tangible assets will determine the cost of insurance. The premiums will be higher if you have stock or equipment that is high-risk for theft.

These high-risk stock items can be easily transported and resold for money. They include audio, television and video equipment, cigarettes, tobacco, designer clothes, computers and digital gear and software, as well as mobiles, radios, phones, radios, cameras, photo equipment, power tools and DVDs. You will need to determine the total value of all of these items when you apply for coverage.

Commercial insurance policies for content will require you to declare the value of all goods. The sum insured is often divided into sections for business equipment (tables and chairs), electrical equipment, filing, data, filing and data and other property.

Small business insurance policies often provide contents insurance for all types and sizes of businesses. However, some policies may have conditional clauses for certain risks.

The location of the premises may dictate that a business insurer might place strict restrictions on storage and security. You may be able to get large discounts by fitting approved alarms, CCTV, security cameras, window grills and bars or other types of locks.

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Insurance policies for business contents also include coverage for material loss and damage due to a wide range of perils including fire and flood. If your business is located in an area at high risk of flooding, some companies might place restrictions on the policy.

A package of contents insurance for small businesses usually includes all risk coverage for a particular type of property. There are many online insurance companies that offer coverage. You can also compare the prices on price comparison websites. Online insurance companies offer typical small business contents packages for offices, shops, pubs and restaurants as well as surgeries and most home-based businesses.

Many small business contents insurance packages include optional or additional coverages that protect the contents against other risks. Business interruption insurance protects the company’s gross profits in the event that stock or contents are lost, and can also be used to cover the company’s loss of earnings. You may also find Goods in Transit insurance, which protects your goods and contents while in transit between the workplace or to the destination.

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A business insurance broker can help you choose the right coverage for your enterprise, especially if it has multiple risk locations and high-value contents.

A Combined Commercial insurance policy would cover business contents insurance. These policies are available to all types of business that do not fall under a package policy but still require contents insurance.