CTP Green Slip Policies


Third party coverage is provided by mandatory third party insurance or CTP Green Slips. Prior to the introduction of Australian laws making third-party insurance mandatory, vehicle owners would often request additional insurance to protect against third party liability. This was not an obligation.

Many felt that innocent victims were left with high-priced bills as the driver of the vehicle chose not to have this type of third-party insurance. After a few accidents that appeared to have additional coverage, this was changed. The Motor Accident Act 1988 was amended by the NSW State Government. It now requires that all registered drivers must have compulsory third-party insurance.

CTP Green Slip Policies Coverage:

Although there are many types of car insurance products available, CTP Greenslip protection is the best. This type of protection is offered by almost all car insurance providers along with comprehensive coverage. This type of insurance protects the driver from personal injury resulting from a motor vehicle collision that you caused or were found to be responsible for. This insurance will pay for the personal injury of anyone who is hurt while driving.

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CTP Greenslip does not offer any insurance protection against damage to property or the vehicle of another person. You will not be covered for personal medical expenses.

CTP Greenslips covers:

* Any other people on the road who are involved in an accident with you

* Pedestrians pedal bicycles or other footpaths

* The people in your car

* Trailer-related injuries

Questions for your Provider

CTP Greenslips can be obtained through many lenders. All of them are worth talking to. It will be possible to shop around for the best insurance protection at the right cost. CTP Greenslips are provided by 7 insurance companies. This includes:


* Allianz

* CIC Allianz




* Zurich

These plans have different pricing, depending on the insurer, but they are all based on your individual situation. CTP Greenslips premium prices are determined by many factors, including your driving record and accident history, the age and type of vehicle you own, your use of the vehicle (private or business), and whether the purchase will be renewed or new.

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These potential insures will show you how your driving record compares with the types of insurance that they offer.

CTP Greenslip Insurance Savings:

The Motor Accidents Authority’s website has a helpful calculator that can help you find the most affordable CTP Greenslips. The calculator will ask for basic information and then compute the quotes from the seven insurance companies. This calculator will save you time and money by displaying the most cost-effective CTP Greenslips.

You can also call individual insurers and ask them for information about the coverage and packages they offer. Although it takes more time, this personal approach will yield the best results in terms of cost.

You should also think about your driving habits and how they affect your vehicle. You may pay more for reckless driving, but if you improve your driving habits over time, you will be able to get lower rates.

Take Care Before You Sign:

Do your research before you sign the dotted line with an insurer for your CTP Greenslips. To understand what you’re signing and how much it will run you, read the contract. These numbers should match the estimates you received. You can trust the company because the government regulates who can offer CTP Greenslips to you. However, it is important that you pay attention to the contract’s details.

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Additional coverage to consider:

CTP Greenslips is a necessary type of vehicle insurance. Without it, you can’t drive your car or get a registration. However, this isn’t the only type of insurance you need. Comprehensive coverage is required. You will be protected from the loss of your vehicle and that of any other person involved in an accident.