Deep Discounts Available on Renters, Condo and Cancer Insurance

It’s easy to identify the commonality between condo and renters insurance. Both are property insurance policies. There is another thing that ties renters, condo, and cancer insurance together, and that’s price. These policies can be almost free because they are so affordable. Some may argue that nothing is ever free. There may be some exceptions to the rule ….

Condo Insurance for Renters and Condo Insurance

Combining these policies with your auto insurance can make them so affordable. The car insurance discount that you get is often more than the premium. Let’s take an example. Your monthly car insurance costs $130, which is $1560 per year. Allstate Insurance will offer a 10% discount for multiple policies. This means that your car insurance can be lowered by 10% = $156. While premiums can vary depending on the coverage, renters insurance can be as cheap as $154 for a condo policy and $175 to cover a single unit. The multiple policy discounts can be so great that you may have to purchase an additional insurance policy.

Why should you have this coverage?

The price is correct, but it’s not the only thing. You may not realize that homeowners associations only cover the structure of your home. They also don’t cover things such as interior drywall, carpet, flooring, bathrooms, toilets, sinks, and balconies. Even if your unit is not involved in a fire, you could be assessed large sums of money if there is one. All personal property within a condo is covered by renters. Examples: Clothing, appliances, TVs, and sound systems. It is easy to imagine the cost of replacing everything in your life. This could easily add up to thousands. What number of people live in your house? Are you sure they are all as vigilant as you? One person may leave a candle burning, while another might smoke heavily. No one can control these things. These policies will protect your financial interests and you get a discount on your car insurance.

Also, don’t forget other coverage’s that come on these two policies…liability, loss of use coverage and let’s not forget having protection from theft – in some policies you can have protection of your belongings even when it’s in your car or your luggage while traveling. Ask a licensed professional for more information.

Have You Ever Heard of Cancer Insurance?

This is the third choice. This insurance covers you and not your doctor if you’re diagnosed with cancer, or for your annual wellness exam. Here’s the key: this policy will only pay for your annual wellness exams, such as mammograms and pap tests, plus one additional wellness test, like a chest x-ray or skin biopsy.

Here’s an example of a medical bill showing the maximum amount you can be paid.

$200 for mammograms + $200 for an annual pap test = $400

*Allstate Insurance can pay $70 for your mammogram and $50 for your pap test. Maximum $200 per test.

Allstate Insurance has a $361 annual premium for 45-year-old individual Premier (top) of the line. You can also be eligible for a $100 wellness test under the Premier policy. This is a huge benefit for women. Your regular wellness exams should be covered by your insurance, but you will receive these benefits directly. This feature is worth the cost of its own! You should consult a licensed professional to ensure that all cancer policies are not the same.

One in three women will be diagnosed with cancer. Traditional health insurance will not cover half the costs of treatment. The policy will cover you for all bills. This policy is a win-win situation. You get your annual exams, which promote early detection. Plus, you can rest assured that you have a financial backup plan in case something happens.

The wellness benefit is also available to men, which includes being paid for one test like a colonoscopy or PSA. The family plan option is available, and everyone gets regular cancer screenings, making this policy very affordable.