Deregulation of Massachusetts Auto Insurance

Massachusetts residents have the option to choose from many auto insurance companies, including new insurers. This highly competitive industry offers a wide range of insurance options. The Massachusetts Auto Insurance Market was deregulated on April 1. This law, which deregulated the Massachusetts auto insurance market, promises to lower auto insurance rates by increasing competition. It also serves as a test for Deregulation of State Policy, which has been in place for nearly thirty years.

State won’t set auto insurance rates.

The state will not set auto insurance rates. However, there will be a controversy about who is allowed to insure the worst drivers of the State. For three years, the new Massachusetts-based Auto Insurance Providers might be exempted from providing coverage for high-risk drivers with poor driving records. This will give new insurers an advantage over existing auto insurance providers in the state.

More options for low-cost auto insurance for consumers

While rates for auto insurance premiums will be approved by the Commissioner of Insurance, these changes will allow Massachusetts Auto Insurance companies to offer many more insurance plans. The new law will allow consumers to choose more personalized auto insurance plans. New auto insurance plans will include higher deductibles and limits that insurers can adjust to make their auto insurance plans more customized.

Some of the benefits from this deregulation include:

* Good drivers get lower premiums

* Pricing decisions are based on credit – so, if you have good credit, you might pay less

* The Insurer can define surcharges instead of the State. This could result in lower surcharges for drivers who are good drivers in a competitive environment.

* The amount of your deductibles can change depending on your circumstances and your past.

* Based on the family size

How can you find the Best Auto Insurance Company in your area?

Nineteen Massachusetts-based Auto Insurance companies offered auto insurance at the time this article was written. The majority of state-licensed auto insurance agents represent only a small number of these companies. You may need to research multiple sources to determine which company offers the best auto insurance plans.

You have access to a lot of information, even though it is not organized. Online research is possible if you are able to navigate through many web sites and find the information you need. We have all spent hours searching online for the information we need. There are many Massachusetts auto insurance companies that have web sites. This means you don’t need to spend hours searching online to find low-cost auto insurance.

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