Differentiating Insurance Agency Video, Skype Interviews, Vlogging and Recorded Webinars for Agents

Are we at the dawn of a new era for web marketing in insurance agencies? Video products will replace the written word. Is video more powerful than the pen? Although written content is not likely to disappear, video is quickly growing in popularity. Recent YouTube statistics show compelling evidence that video is becoming a popular communication medium.

While an average website visit lasts just over five seconds, the average YouTube visit lasts close to 20. Video is growing in popularity, professionalism, and SEO preeminence. It will soon become a mainstay on business websites. Let’s look at some terms used in insurance agency videos:

Agency Vlogs – A Vlog is a Video Blog. You can post any type of video to a blog, vlog or both. Agents can now share the same information via video blogging, instead of posting textual information like a blog.

Insurance Agency Video – Insurance agency marketing videos used to extend marketing reach and branding. These videos can be tailored to clients, prospects, and for general value proposition purposes. These could include Skype Recorded interviews, Skype Talking Head Video, Skype Recorded Webinars, recorded PowerPoint Video and recorded Webinars.

Videos professionally produced – This category encompasses any video which is recorded and produced by a professional videographer, edited and professionally rendered with music, sound and video effects. These videos are of the highest quality, but they can be costly and time-consuming.

Recorded PowerPoint with Sound – These are often referred to as a type of vlog, though this they are technically another type of insurance agency video. Although these need to be professionally rendered and scripted, the results can be extremely targeted.

Skype Video Interviews – Recorded interviews which can be used for agency website video, YouTube, etc.

Talking head video – Any video displaying a head and shoulders view of the speaker. This is a close-up view of a TV news anchor.

Recorded webinars – Recorded webinars can offer powerful insurance agency video content for insurance agency websites.

YouTube Video – Any type video posted to YouTube. These videos can be either public or private. These may have limitations in size and length.

Chatterbots – I’ve placed these at the bottom of the video list since they are not traditional video. These are the voices of a talking individual who can help “guide” a visitor to a site. They are also known as chatterbots, a type or web robot. These bots can look a bit silly and be hard to control. They turn on when a user revisits a page or makes changes to a web site. They may be more appropriate for a B2C website than a B2B website.

Insurance Agency Video has a significant impact on insurance agency SEO and search engine marketing. It achieves many important aspects of insurance marketing including:

  • Current technology and an updated look & feel
  • Dynamic content
  • Agency Website Stickiness
  • Insurance SEO
  • Transfer of value quickly
  • Social networking content for LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • Targeted messaging
  • YouTube content and presence

Video is an effective medium that is quickly gaining importance. Video marketing for insurance agencies is a crucial component of today’s insurance web marketing. It will become a requirement for an insurance website to look professional and up-to-date by tomorrow. As younger buyers become primary decision makers, they will search for and validate different options. These younger buyers are likely to use social media, the internet, and agency websites to validate and research information about their insurance purchases. Their online experience will be shaped by video.