Direct Mutual Funds Become Popular Due to Enhanced Returns For The Investors! is an online investment advisor that helps mutual fund investors. We recommend buying directly from them. Hidden commissions of no less than 1% per year are taken by MF brokers, which can eat up your profits. This is despite the fact that people are not aware of the existence of “direct mutual funds”, which can be purchased online without the need for a demat account. The brokers are the intermediaries between the buyer of the mutual fund and the fund house. The new arrangement allows the buyer to buy online mutual funds directly. Direct mutual funds are notable because brokerage is eliminated. SEBI supports this approach by implementing appropriate regulations.

Online buying of MFs is possible with the help of an investment advisor, a mutual fund advisor platform like has been at the forefront of introducing innovative ways to provide quality investment environments for common investors. There are many ways to add value, including counseling and advice, encrypted account safety and counseling. Direct mutual fund companies permit users to purchase mutual funds via a dynamic account that they create at their web portal. The account is protected by bank standard encryption, which ensures that the financial and personal details of the buyer are kept completely confidential. Many of these houses partner with top financial advisor firms, which offer customized advice and general recommendations for the most performing MFs in India. A buyer can open an account free of charge and without the need for AMC. A one-time fixed fee is not required for each transaction.

Clearfunds pricing is transparent, fair and simple. Flat-fee Rs 199 for each mutual fund scheme you purchase or SIP setup.

Clearfunds is India’s best investment advisor company. Buy zero-commission direct mutual funds. Clearfunds was founded on an idea and a principle. We believe that technology-driven investment advisors can be managed with much lower costs. And we will only sell products that we truly believe in.