Discount Auto Insurance – Sure, Why Not?

Is there a way to get a discount on my auto insurance? What can you do to obtain superior coverage and low rates?

Insurance companies will require you to drive cautiously. It’s sound advice, but not the one you wanted to hear.

Ask for discounts! You may be eligible for a discount if you’re a good driver.

How do you buy a new car? Check out the policy cost to see where the car’s price changes. It is possible to make a big difference by spending just a few thousand dollars.

Red-flag cars! Insurance companies may charge higher for cars that are more likely to be stolen or vandalized, and/or for passengers who are in danger.

Would you be able to drive less? Policy prices can rise due to increased mileage for business travel or commutes. Sometimes, a carpooling arrangement once per week can make a big difference in your premiums.

Are you over 50? AARP, a membership association that offers great auto discounts to all 50+ people for $12.50/year. These amazing discounts do not apply to auto insurance.

The Hartford Automobile Insurance Company offers automobile insurance for members only.

Here are some highlights from AARP’s auto insurance plan with The Hartford:

  • This exclusive plan by The Hartford includes lifetime renewal and 12-month rate protection.
  • These benefits include:
  • Complete Car Replacement Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • You can renew your membership for life
  • Fast, no-hassle claim payments
  • Online Customer Service Center for bill payment and claim reporting
  • Free, no-obligation rate quote

For good driving records, there are many automobile insurance discounts available.

Why is the cost of auto insurance so different from one company to another and based on what vehicle you drive? Insurance companies talk about the amount of coverage and deductibles that you require. This is determined by these factors:

What car do you drive? You can expect to pay higher premiums if your car is more expensive.

Are you thinking of buying a new vehicle? It is better to reevaluate your current policy.

What are the best ways to drive? Rates are rising due to theft, vandalism, and accidents. People living in small towns usually pay less than those who live in big cities, especially when they are older.

How many miles do you drive? You will be charged more for driving more miles.

Are you married? Are you over 25? Are you male or female? It is important. All drivers below 25 years old are at higher risk, especially single and young men.

Are you a safe driver? – Accidents? Research shows that accidents are more costly for drivers.

What about having a strong credit record? This is also important. Studies again show that credit history predicts future auto insurance losses. This information is used by many insurance companies to determine what they will charge you.