Discount Auto Insurance Tips For College Students


College students can be anxious about graduating from high school and moving on to college, whether they live thousands of miles from their family home or are just a few minutes away in the same town. Because they have waited for this moment in their lives, they are anxious to finally move into their own home. This is not always the best financial decision. The auto insurance might not be an issue if they live with their parents. Teenagers might not like some of the requirements because they don’t have the freedom they had when they graduated high school. The teenager would have to register the vehicle under their parents’ name, and then they would need to add their vehicle coverage policy. They are still very tied to their parents and this way, they can save hundreds of dollars.

They should have their own insurance if they really want to be independent and start their own lives. They may be eligible for discounts that could help them realize their dreams. Today’s young people are connected to the internet at every stage of their lives. They use it for school projects, personal communication, and to search for great rates and discounts on insurance. The type of vehicle that the teenager chooses to drive can play a major role in the premium quote. They won’t be able to convince their parents to let them drive a large truck or sports car because they will have high insurance premiums. They would have chosen a smaller vehicle with safety features if they had considered the insurance situation before they made their decision. The teenager will receive a discount if the vehicle can be safely stored in a garage. There are a few other discounts that young vehicle owners may be eligible to. A discount is available for good grades and maintaining a high average. A third discount that college students may be eligible for is the “good drivers rate”, which is available to any driver who has not been involved in an accident, moving violation, or DUI for three years. The premium will be reduced for each three-year period in which the driving record is not marked. These discounts are vital as the benefits they provide continue to increase over time.

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These young people also have another choice regarding auto insurance coverage. This is their choice to purchase the insurance that covers the damage, if any, of the vehicles and property of the other party, as well as any injuries. Young people should not choose this option as it means that their vehicle, if damaged by another party and they are uninsured, will need to be fixed out-of-pocket. The above information shows that a young person can start their life by moving into their own home. They can also move in with friends, often to help save money. If they are persistent and do their research, they can find affordable auto insurance.