Discover it Student Cash Back vs. Discover it Student Chrome

Both cards offer 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants (up to $1,000 combined per quarter in combined spending), and 1% cash back for all other purchases, along with a generous sign-up bonus that matches your cash back in year one.

If you’re a student looking to maximize rewards in rotating categories, Discover it Student Cash Back may be ideal; otherwise, for simplicity’s sake the Discover it Student Chrome may be superior.

Ease of Use

Discover card holders have access to a mobile app where they can manage rewards, reach customer service quickly and access their credit score. In addition, the app enables cardholders to set alerts when spending reaches certain thresholds or freeze it online/mobile app in order to prevent purchases, balance transfers and cash advances; or freeze their card altogether to prevent new purchases/balance transfers/cash advances if any payments go past due – great news if your building your credit or recovering from past missteps! Furthermore, missed payments won’t result in penalties being applied immediately – perfect if building credit from scratch or recovering from past credit mishaps!

Both cards offer rewarding ongoing gas and restaurant spending rewards, with the Discover it Student Cash Back card offering higher bonuses in bonus categories that rotate every quarter. Students willing to keep track of these categories and activate them as needed might find this more worthwhile; otherwise, the Discover it Student Chrome card may provide superior long-term value.

Discover it Chrome for Students offers its own special welcome bonus: during your first year as a cardholder, Discover will match any cash back earned with no annual fee and with one-time cash bonuses after every purchase made using it. In addition, cardholders will earn 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants (including cafes, takeout delivery services and fast food establishments ) up to $1,000 combined purchase each quarter; plus one percent on other purchases made using it.

Cardholders of Discover can also benefit from receiving free FICO Credit Scorecard and spending summary reports, in-depth credit monitoring that searches the Dark Web for your Social Security number, outstanding customer service, and regular rankings as one of the best cards for customers in J.D. Power’s annual credit card satisfaction survey. However, this card may have limited benefits such as purchase protection and trip cancellation insurance but does not provide car rental or flight accident coverage.


Both cards offer generous rewards on gas station and restaurant spending as well as cash back in various categories. The Discover it Student Cash Back card gives you up to 5% cash back per quarter (up to quarterly cap and then 1%) when activated; while its counterpart, Discover it Student Chrome, offers a more tailored rewards rate – earning 2% gas station and restaurant purchases (and then 1%) before returning 1% back for those purchases made elsewhere.

Discover it Student Cash Back cards may be ideal for students who plan to stay informed of bonus categories that change every quarter and require activation, but may make it harder to maximize rewards if activation slips past your notice; also, the quarterly $1,000 spending cap could limit rewards even further for those spending beyond that threshold.

However, Discover it Student Chrome may be more suitable for students looking for a simpler card that doesn’t require them to remember to activate reward categories. In addition, six months at zero percent interest on new purchases is offered as well as the Cashback Match program which will double all rewards earned within your first year.

Discover it Student Chrome offers more than just fantastic rewards; it also boasts many additional valuable features that help build credit and offer peace of mind, such as 24/7 U.S. based customer service, a free Credit Scorecard with your FICO score, and alerts if your Social Security number appears on thousands of Dark Web websites.

Selecting the ideal student card depends entirely upon your personal preferences and intended usage. While both cards can help build a solid credit history, paying bills on time and reducing utilization are essential no matter which card is chosen. If unsure which option best meets your needs, ask one or both parents or other trustworthy adults to cosign on one for you so they can teach you how to responsibly manage it while making payments on time, leading you to establish an impressive credit history and score.

Annual Fee

Contrary to many cards aimed at individuals with poor credit, this student credit card was designed specifically for people who have limited or no credit to build up their scores and create responsible spending habits. The Discover it Student Cash Back features no annual fee of $0 and offers a 0% intro APR on new purchases as well as an expansive rewards program – including earning up to 2% cash back on gas stations and restaurants (up to $1,000 total in combined purchases per quarter) and 1% cash back elsewhere; plus it comes with an unlimited cash back match bonus at year’s end – making this card far superior compared to many other student cards that only provide minimal introductory bonuses that often lack flexibility in redemption terms of redemption terms compared with other student cards offered with limited introductory bonuses that are less flexible in terms of redemption terms than others!

This card provides competitive 2% cash back rewards in certain categories for no annual-fee student credit cards, yet its limited spending limit makes it difficult for most students to maximize their rewards potential. When combined with a lackluster base rate on non-bonus categories and its lackluster rewards potential in specific categories – like those offered by Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards Credit Card for Students which offers up 3% cash back for gas purchases, online shopping, dining out, travel expenses, drug store purchases and home improvements purchases.

However, Discover it Student Cash Back remains an ideal option for most students as it offers plenty of unique perks not available elsewhere – for instance a complimentary FICO Credit Scorecard and alerts whenever your Social Security number appears anywhere online including Dark Web websites. Plus it features an easy online account management system which makes tracking rewards and making payments much simpler!

Discover it Student Cash Back does have some small drawbacks, such as no 0% introductory APR on balance transfers and standard 1% cash back rate on all other purchases; but these issues pale in comparison to its many benefits for people just beginning to build credit histories and in need of cards that will assist in doing so.

Customer Service

Establishing a solid credit history is crucial to financial independence, affecting everything from loan interest rates and apartment approval rates, to job offers. Discover offers two cards specifically targeted to newcomers to credit – the Discover it Student Cash Back and Chrome cards offer no annual fee while offering valuable rewards that help build credit histories.

The main distinction between the two cards lies in how you earn rewards: with Discover it Student Cash Back card you’ll get 2% back on gas and restaurant purchases up to $1,000 combined each quarter, as well as 1% on everything else – making this an excellent option for road-tripping college students who frequent gas stations and restaurants for food purchases, with no maximum earnings cap and unredeemed rewards never expiring!

Discover it Student Chrome card is ideal for gas and dining rewards, while providing competitive rewards rates with rotating bonus categories that must be activated manually. However, the Discover it Student Chrome card boasts higher maximum earning rates in fixed bonus categories that are popular with students like grocery stores and restaurants, in addition to matching all cash back earned during its first year as cardmembership.

Discover is widely recognized for their exceptional customer service. Their support agents are available 24-7 via phone or mobile app to provide assistance with tracking spending, scheduling payments and accessing FICO credit scores – making these cards stand out among competitors. Both Discover it Student Cash Back and Chrome cards boast this benefit that sets them apart.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to select which card best meets your needs. Discover it Student Cash Back stands out among student credit cards with its $0 annual fee and no foreign transaction fees; as well as reporting to all three major credit bureaus and not charging penalties for late payments or late payments of your first late payment. Plus it comes equipped with a helpful security feature allowing you to freeze your account if lost or stolen!