Do Online Auto Insurance Quote Sites Really Get The Lowest Auto Quote For You?

Where do you look when you are searching the web for Auto Insurance rates? Although it’s easy to do a quick search to find the best brands of Insurance companies, and then do some research about their credentials, this can prove tedious and time-consuming.

Save your time by filling out a lead aggregation sheet and having insurance companies contact your company for you. This is not common practice for several reasons, which I will list below. There are many positive outcomes to using insurance aggregation.

Here are the cons of using an auto insurance group to obtain quotes.

1. Multiple insurance companies are contacting you about the same thing repeatedly. You will receive higher quotes than you have currently
3. Information about you is shared with several companies
4. The form that you have filled out does not provide a price quote.

Here are the pros and cons of using an auto insurance group to get quotes.

1. Multiple Insurance Companies can offer you a quote for your auto insurance
2. You may be able to find better insurance options than the one you have.
3. Quotes are free and may be cheaper and offer better coverage.
4. Get a free annual review for your auto insurance
5. You don’t have to call them. Instead, let them call you.
6. Find an agent who can help you service your policy and care for your business.
7. It’s better to be able to talk to someone than to get a quote for a policy that you don’t know what you are buying.
8. Get in touch with a licensed professional to get a quote and answer your questions

As you can see, the Pros outweigh any cons. If you look at the Cons carefully, they can be used as an excuse to not get a Free quote if you find one. Let’s take a closer look at each Cons and why they may prevent you from getting an online quote for auto insurance.

1. Multiple insurance companies contact you repeatedly for the exact same thing
This may seem tedious, but you can expect to be more exposed and receive different rates for your insurance. Some insurance companies may prefer certain drivers based upon their driving record, credit history and even the type and make of their car.

2. Quotes can be higher than your current salary
This is possible! It’s great that you took the time and compared insurance options to ensure that you get the best coverage for the price you pay.

3. Information about you is shared with several companies
(This is true. However, the lead aggregation firm requires that all companies obtain your information be kept confidential. They may contact you only for quoting purposes.

4. The form that you have filled out does not provide a price quote.
To get the correct price and coverage, licensed professionals will need to have more information. They must compare apples to apples in order to provide a quote that is as accurate as possible. No one likes fake numbers and expects them to sell.

It makes sense to compare Auto Insurance quotes online for all of the reasons we have listed. It is a great way to get multiple quotes and have licensed professionals talk to you. Online auto quotes are highly recommended, especially if you’re looking for better coverage and a price comparison. It’s easy to get a free online auto quote, especially if your goal is to save money.