Do You Have What it Takes to Kick Start Your Insurance Business?


You are your boss as an agent. You have complete control over how much you make and how you spend your time. You feel in control of your business and have personal satisfaction. You spend more time with your family and friends. You can make your own decisions and implement your ideas.

It has two sides. You can have advantages and disadvantages that work in your favor. It is possible to choose to work on something else while you work on your business. This could lead to long hours of work when your business is just starting. You may also find it stressful when you have to reach business goals.

Once you’ve decided to do this business, you can just start doing it. Total commitment is the key to your business’ success. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice. It is important to focus your thoughts, engage your brain and mobilize every muscle and tissue to achieve your goals.

The 4Hs must be included:


Don’t be proud of your knowledge. Be open to learning more. Learn as much as you can. Learn anything that will enrich your business knowledge. Participate in seminars and training. Analyze the market and understand the demand. Learn about the company and its products.

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Practice and learn how to sell. Analyze the challenges and problems that people face every day. Learn about their wants and needs. Find out how to solve customers’ problems and address their concerns. To understand the practicalities of your business, talk to senior citizens.


Handshakes are the first step in a relationship. Reach out to others. Insurance is a people business. Your business’ success depends on how many people you keep in touch. Your network should be expanded. Use the support of people you already know to help you meet new people.

Begin to make friends with other agents who have a positive outlook. If you keep scratching with the turkeys, you can’t fly like the eagles. Insurance is a rejection business. Rejection is part of daily life. Negative thoughts must be neutralized and you need to shake off all the dust that has built up in the field. Keep your motivation high. Talk to successful people and learn from their stories. Be inspired by their perseverance and determination.


The field is where sales take place. See the people in the field. Eyeball to eyeball learning is the best way to learn. For the first impression to make, you must be positive with your customers. You must ensure that your customer feels comfortable talking to you. However, it is important to remain in control during the sales interview.

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Follow in the footsteps of successful agents. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to do it. There are two methods to learn. You can either learn from your mistakes or learn from others. Learning from others’ mistakes is the most expensive of the two.

For less competition, walk further. Customers may need your assistance in multiple situations. Each interaction you have with customers helps to cement your relationship. A customer who makes more appointments with you than their competitor will have fewer customers.


Passionate about what you do. Passion brings out the best. Insurance is not an easy business. Through the difficult times, we grow stronger and more wiser. Your difficult customers are your reason to be more competent and better.

Keep your dreams and belief in this business alive. If you feel defeated and discouraged, your belief will keep you going. Your dreams are what will drive you forward. Many people quit this business after losing their dreams and faith in the business.

The person who loses his dreams and beliefs is the worst bankrupt in the entire world.

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You will be a formidable force in any situation if you keep your head, your hands and your heels in the same direction. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.