Do You Need Insurance Coverage For Vrbo?


VRBO is a global online marketplace that allows homeowners and renters to connect with each other to find short-term rentals. According to VRBO, it’s the largest home rental platform in the world. If you’re considering renting through VRBO, it’s important to understand the risks involved. In this blog post, we will explore some of the insurance coverage you may need and whether or not VRBO is responsible for them.

What is Vrbo?

If you’re considering using Vrbo as your go-to source for finding rental properties, you’ll want to be sure to have some form of insurance coverage in place. Not only is it a good idea to cover your own personal property, but renters could also cause damage or injure themselves if they’re not adequately protected.

There are a few things you can do to make sure that your rental property is properly covered:

1. Make Sure You Have Liability Insurance In Place
This will protect you financially if someone is injured or damages your property while they’re renting it. Make sure that the policy covers all potential liabilities, including third-party claims and litigation costs.

2. Get Coverage For Damage Caused By Tenants
Not only should you be insured for damage done by people who are not renting from you, but you should also ensure that the policy covers damage caused by tenants. This can include things like broken windows or doors, lack of cleanliness, and vandalism.

3. Get Coverage For Property Losses
Another thing to consider is property loss coverage – this will help cover the cost of replacing lost items such as furniture or appliances, as well as repairs related to the loss of the property itself.

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What are the different types of insurance coverage that you may need?

There are a few different types of insurance coverage you may need for your VRBO rental.

Basic liability insurance covers you for any legal fees or damages that you may incur as a result of an accident that occurs while using your VRBO rental. This type of coverage is important because it can help to protect you from financial losses if something happens that you weren’t expecting and you’re unable to pay for damages yourself.

Personal property coverage provides protection for items in your VRBO rental, such as furniture and electronics. This type of coverage can help to ensure that if something happens and someone damage or steal something while they’re staying in your rental, you’re able to get it replaced or reimbursed.

Property damage insurance provides cover in the event that someone damages property while they’re staying in your VRBO rental. This type of coverage can help to cover some of the costs associated with repairing or replacing damaged property, so it’s important to make sure it’s included in your policy.

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How much does Vrbo cost?

With Vrbo, you can find properties all around the world. But how much does it cost to use the site? In this article, we’ll answer that question and more.

First, let’s take a look at what kind of fees are associated with using Vrbo. There are three main types of fees: rental fees, home-buyer fees, and service fees. Here is a breakdown of each:

Rental Fees

When you rent a property through Vrbo, you’ll need to pay a rental fee. This fee covers the costs associated with renting out the property (like Property Management and marketing expenses). The rental fee ranges from $0 to $2000 per month, depending on the location and type of property you choose.

Home-Buyer Fees

If you’re planning to buy a property through Vrbo, you’ll need to pay home-buyer fees. These fees cover the costs associated with buying a property (like Legal Fees and Home Inspection Fees). The home-buyer fee ranges from $2500 to $3500 per transaction, depending on the location and type of property you choose.

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What are the different types of insurance coverage that you may need?

There are a variety of types of insurance coverage that you may need if you rent from a VRBO. Below are three examples:

Property Insurance: If you rent through VRBO, your property insurance policy will likely cover the property. In some cases, VRBO may also provide supplemental insurance for the property. This policy will protect you financially in case of damage to the property or loss of personal belongings.

Auto and Home Insurance: If you have a car parked at your rental and you live in one of the many states that requires liability insurance, then your auto and home insurance should also include rental properties as an insured location. Make sure both policies cover rental properties specifically as this coverage can be costly to add on separately.

renters insurance
This type of coverage protects you financially if someone is injured or damages property while staying at your rental. It usually costs less than other types of coverage and is worth considering if there are any concerns about who is responsible in the event of an accident or theft.

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Is Vrbo worth it?

VRBO is a great way to find rental properties, but is it worth the cost?

There are pros and cons to using VRBO. The biggest pro is that you can find a lot of rentals through the site. You can also filter by type of property (house, condo, room), price range, and location.

However, VRBO does have its downsides. For one, VRBO charges extra for some features (like viewing tours). Additionally, some renters have had negative experiences with VRBO landlords.

All in all, VRBO is definitely a useful tool if you’re looking for rental properties. However, you should always do your research first to make sure the property you choose is quality and meets your needs.


If you are thinking about renting a property through VRBO, it is important to understand the types of insurance coverage that are available. Not all properties include the same level of protection, so it is important to research your options before making a decision.

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Some common types of insurance coverage that may be required for VRBO rentals include renter’s insurance, property damage liability, and loss of rental income protection. Make sure you have an understanding of what each policy covers in order to Avoid potential problems during your rental experience.