Does AAA Membership Cover Rental Car Insurance?

Many AAA members are inquisitive as to whether or not their membership includes rental car coverage. According to WalletHub, most credit card providers and auto insurers provide rental protection plans.

Prior to purchasing additional protection for your personal auto policy, it’s essential that you understand its coverage limits and deductibles. Depending on your individual needs, additional options could include the following coverages.

1. Roadside Assistance

AAA membership provides roadside assistance that can assist with car breakdowns or any issues that may arise on the go, such as battery service, jumpstarts, lockout assistance and towing services. Depending on your plan it might also cover flat tires. Many people without auto or rental car coverage opt for AAA roadside assistance as a supplement.

Additionally, some AAA plans provide members with coverage for rental car needs should their own vehicle become unavailable due to repair. This option helps pay the daily rate as well as taxes and fees associated with renting. Please be aware that this coverage cannot be used to rent vehicles for pleasure or business use – nor luxury options such as Teslas.

Also among the benefits of rental vehicle coverage is its use in protecting personal effects like electronics and jewelry from being stolen from rental vehicles, making this type of policy extremely useful to frequent renters who travel with expensive items. Keep in mind, however, that many auto policies already include protection for personal belongings in rental vehicles; so this coverage might not be necessary if other policies already offer this level of coverage.

Many people may be amazed to learn that their auto insurance includes rental car coverage even if they didn’t specifically purchase this add-on. They should contact their provider or credit card company to see what coverage exists for rental cars.

2. Collision Damage Waiver

AAA offers the Collision Damage Waiver as one of its main benefits to help drivers avoid expensive out-of-pocket expenses should they cause damage to a rental car. Depending on the limits of your policy, it will usually cover up to the actual cash value of the vehicle or even liability protection for third-party damage that might incurr due to loss or theft. This coverage can also provide liability protection should any losses occur from third-party incidents during their rental.

Additionally, this coverage can save you hundreds or even thousands in insurance premiums and deductible costs associated with renting cars.

Many auto policies provide coverage for rental car coverage, which is especially handy when traveling abroad or needing another form of transport that doesn’t belong to you. You can usually check whether this coverage exists by reviewing the terms and conditions or calling your agent.

Alternately, consider using a credit card that provides primary coverage for rental cars – for instance, AAA’s Visa Signature card provides collision damage coverage up to the actual cash value for most rental cars. Other cards offer similar protection; always read and understand what coverage your card provides so that you know exactly what it covers and how best to utilize it.

Other advantages of adding rental car reimbursement coverage include uninsured motorist coverage (which fulfills state requirements for bodily injury and property damage liability), loss-of-use reimbursement coverage (which reimburses you for renting a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired or replaced), personal effects coverage and custom, electronic, or additional equipment coverage.

3. Comprehensive Coverage

Many AAA members might be surprised to learn that their personal auto policy covers rental car accidents as part of its coverage, which can save a great deal on travel expenses for vacation or business trips. To take full advantage of this perk, however, review your own policy closely in order to fully comprehend any applicable coverage limits and deductibles.

Some credit cards provide rental car coverage as part of their card benefits, typically through waivers that state rental car companies cannot pursue you for collision costs should the rental become damaged. Some card providers require you to reject their own insurance in order to activate this coverage, while others may stipulate specific criteria or conditions in order for it to apply.

AAA offers its premier members additional rental car coverage that offers both collision and comprehensive protection, reduced insurance deductibles, personal effects coverage that protects against theft as well as additional liability protection – this coverage isn’t offered to basic or plus members.

AAA provides more than just rental car coverage; AAA also offers other forms of auto insurance that provide peace of mind when out and about on the road, such as loan/lease gap coverage that will pay any differences between your current lease or loan agreement and vehicle value if totaled; enhanced complete loss replacement coverage, loan/lease gap coverage for classic cars, and rideshare liability protection.

As with any form of auto insurance, shopping around for the plan that best meets your needs can be challenging. NerdWallet has an abundance of AAA auto insurance reviews available that can assist in making informed decisions regarding coverage and premium options available to you.

4. Liability Coverage

Rental car insurance from AAA can protect you financially in the event of an accident while driving a rental car. Covering property damage caused by accidents, theft and vandalism. Each coverage type typically comes with its own deductible amount that must be met before coverage begins; depending on your membership level and policy type you may also have access to additional perks like enhanced comprehensive coverage or extended collision damage waivers for older vehicles.

AAA rental car insurance covers more than just liability protection; typically providing collision damage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage and loss-of-use benefits to reimburse expenses incurred while your vehicle is being repaired following an accident. Other perks may be available with rental car coverage from AAA such as replacement car reimbursement, enhanced exterior repair coverage and rideshare coverage.

Your personal auto policy’s coverage limits should extend to any rental car you use; however, if they fall below certain amounts you may want to consider increasing them or purchasing additional coverage from the rental car company. This may be especially crucial if you typically drive an older model at home but rent high-end luxury models when traveling; your current auto coverage may not provide sufficient protection to cover such a significant difference in vehicle costs.

AAA rental car insurance policies vary in their coverage options depending on which policy and membership level are selected, with higher-tier plans usually offering more extensive rental car protection options than lower-tier plans. You should review carefully any policy you’re considering purchasing to ensure it fits with your specific needs.

5. Rental Car Reimbursement

AAA offers members rental car reimbursement coverage as an add-on to their auto insurance policies. This coverage offers liability protection against third parties, and may cover comprehensive or collision damage to rental vehicles as well. Exact limits depend upon each member’s membership level – those wanting to utilize this coverage should familiarize themselves with its details before renting any vehicles.

Credit card companies frequently include rental car coverage as part of their benefits package, but it is important to remember that these policies may come with specific limitations and restrictions that must be considered when used alongside primary auto coverage provided by members’ personal auto insurers.

AAA auto insurance extends its coverage to cover rental car damage in an accident regardless of its type, which makes this an especially helpful feature if you frequently rent larger passenger vans or other unique vehicles that fall outside your regular auto policy’s coverage limits.

AAA members enjoy many other advantages beyond rental car coverage, including roadside assistance for flat tires, engine breakdowns and lockouts; free one-day car rentals when qualifying non-collision tow is used; home lockout service and travel planning services; discounted Hertz rental rates at some locations and offices issuing international driving permits at reduced costs – saving time and money while making travel plans. To learn more about AAA’s benefits visit its official website or find an office nearby and talk with someone directly.