Does Aetna Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implant?

Dental implant surgery is a highly effective way to achieve restored oral health, but it comes with a cost. If you’re considering dental implant surgery, you may be wondering if Aetna dental insurance covers the procedure. In this article, we will answer this question and more.

What is Aetna Dental Insurance?

Aetna Dental Insurance does cover dental implant procedures. According to the Aetna website, “If you have dental insurance through Aetna, we may be able to help pay for your dental implant surgery and related costs.” You will need to speak with your Aetna representative to determine if this coverage is available to you.

Dental Implant Coverage

Aetna dental insurance does cover dental implants, but there are some exclusions. For example, the policy does not cover cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening or veneers. Additionally, the policy only covers implant surgery if it is medically necessary and approved by a physician. This means that if you choose to have dental implants without seeking medical approval, your coverage may be limited.

How Does Aetna Dental Insurance Work?

Aetna dental insurance covers a variety of dental services, including dental implant surgery. Dental implants are a type of prosthetic teeth that are usually placed into the jawbone. They provide a secure foundation for teeth that can last for many years. If you have Aetna dental insurance, you may be able to get coverage for your dental implant surgery.

To receive coverage for your dental implant surgery, you will need to meet certain eligibility requirements. You must be a resident of the United States and have health insurance that includes coverage for medical procedures. You also must have received written confirmation from your doctor that you are eligible for the dental implant surgery and that the surgery is necessary.

If you meet these eligibility requirements, Aetna will pay for your entire dental implant surgery cost. The cost of the surgery will not affect your existing health insurance premiums.

What If I Don’t Have Aetna Dental Insurance?

If you don’t have Aetna dental insurance, you may be wondering if your dental implant will still be covered. Unfortunately, the answer is that it’s up to the individual plan. Some plans may cover dental implants, while others might not. You’ll need to contact your insurer to find out for sure.


dental implant insurance is something to think about if you are considering getting a dental implant. While most health insurance policies do cover some dental procedures, such as teeth cleanings and fillings, coverage for a dental implant might be more limited. If you are unsure whether your policy covers dental implants, or would like to find out more, speak with your insurance representative.