Does Chase Debit Card Cover Car Rental Insurance?

Are you planning a road trip or heading to the airport and wondering if your Chase debit card covers car rental insurance? It’s important to know what coverage options are available when renting a vehicle.

In this blog post, we will explore whether or not your Chase debit card provides car rental insurance and what you need to know before hitting the open road. So buckle up and let’s dive in!

What is Chase Debit Card?

If you’re carrying a Chase debit card, you may be wondering if it covers rental car insurance. The answer is yes, as long as the rental car company participates in the Chase Protect program.

Chase Protect is a protection program that covers theft, loss, and damage up to $100,000 per occurrence. In order to take advantage of this coverage, you’ll need to have your Chase debit card and your rental car company’s membership information handy. Once you’ve had everything ready, simply complete the following steps:

1. Open your Chase account online or on your phone by going to or by using the mobile app.

2. Enter your rental car company’s contact information into the “Rental Car Company” field on the “My Accounts” page.

3. Click “Update Details.” This will update your account with the rental car company’s contact information and their participation in Chase Protect.

4. Click “Get Protection.” This will connect you with a customer service representative who can help set up coverage for your rental car trip.

How does Chase Debit Card Cover Car Rental Insurance?

Chase debit cardholders can use the card to cover rental car insurance when renting a vehicle. Coverage begins as soon as the rental is complete and continues for the length of the rental agreement, up to $50,000 per occurrence. There are some restrictions, however.

The maximum coverage amount is currently $30,000 per rental and it applies only to damage caused by an covered event, such as a theft or accident. In addition, coverage does not apply torenter’s personal property or any damage done to the car for which the renter is legally responsible. Finally, Chase reserves the right to deny coverage if there are any signs that fraud may have been involved in the rental transaction.

Pros and Cons of Chase Debit Card Coverage for Car Rentals

As a cardholder of Chase’s debit card, you may be wondering if the card covers your car rental insurance. According to Chase, the coverage varies by country. In general, the coverage is limited to theft and damage from natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Additional exclusions may apply, so it’s important to check with your credit card issuer before booking a car rental.


Chase debit card holders can use the card to cover car rental insurance when renting a vehicle. This coverage is optional, but you may find it helpful in case of an accident or theft. To find out more, visit Chase’s website and look for the “Insurance Coverage” section.