Does Driving an Import Make a Difference on Your Insurance?

An import car is a car that was purchased from a country not built according to UK standards. Some cars bought in the UK are actually made abroad but were designed for sale in this country and conform to its specifications for motor vehicles. These cars are not considered imports. It is important to know how the different types of import cars can impact the insurance that you may need to purchase to drive the car in the UK.

There are two types of import cars. Grey import and parallel. A parallel import is one that has been certified to European standards. These tests cover crash protection, lighting and steering. They also include emissions and brakes. There could be different terms and conditions for the warranty on a UK-specified car than a parallel import.

If a car conforms to international standards, it is called a grey import. It is classified as a grey import because it does not conform to the EU standards. Most of these cars are from Japan or the USA. While there are some UK garages that can repair cars built to foreign standards, many motorists find it difficult to get the right parts and the correct service. It is possible to repair a grey import car in the UK. However, this will likely cost you significantly more than what you would pay for a UK- or EU-spec model.

Imports and car insurance. Because they are not made according to UK standards, both types of imports could affect your car insurance cost. Imports can have an impact on the cost of your car insurance. This is because companies consider them more costly to repair. It could cost a lot to replace your import car if it is damaged in an accident. Even if your driving record is impeccable and you have a history of making no claims on your insurance policies in the past, insurers may be cautious about the possibility of you claiming a large amount for repair costs.

Import cars are often cheaper than similar models in the UK. This is one of the reasons why people choose to buy them. Drivers who are looking to save money on their car’s price will need to consider whether the cost of an insurance policy could negate those savings. It is possible to look at it this way: A parallel import will likely be a little less expensive than a gray import. This is because many insurance companies will assume that the car was built to EU standards and therefore the minimum UK standard. Repairs or replacements may not cost significantly more. There will be a variety of models so make sure you check with several insurers before purchasing a vehicle.

Insurers will be more inclined to charge a higher premium for grey imports. They are considered difficult and expensive to replace or repair. If you are able to save substantial money on the purchase, then even an expensive policy could help you save money over buying a comparable model in the UK. You can find great deals on import car insurance through specialist insurers. Before purchasing an import car, it is worth getting a quote online. By comparing prices and shopping around, you can make great savings.