Does homeowners insurance cover jewelry?

You bought home insurance to protect your financial assets in the event of a loss. First, it covers the cost of rebuilding or repairing your house. This policy is likely to be your biggest investment, or at least one of your most important. Your home insurance policy does not only cover your house.

Personal property coverage can also be purchased. This will cover you for replacing your possessions in the event of theft or fire damage. This covers your electronics, clothing, furniture, and other items. Does that cover jewelry? But there are some caveats. Jewelry is often expensive and easy to steal or damage.

It can be helpful to look into personal property coverage to help you understand how your homeowners insurance covers jewelry.

What amount of personal property can be covered by home insurance

Your personal-property coverage usually covers a portion of your dwelling coverage. This is the amount that your house is covered for. The Insurance Information Institute states that personal property coverage is available by most insurance companies for 50 to 70 percent of your dwelling coverage.

To find out the amount of personal property coverage that you have, review your policy details. Your policy may pay up to $150,000 to replace any belongings damaged by a covered loss if your home is $300,000.

Although jewelry is usually included in personal property coverage, it is typically limited to a dollar amount. Insurance companies often limit jewelry coverage to a low dollar amount because jewelry is valuable and easy to steal. The III

These endorsements call out the expensive item (in this case your jewelry) and provide coverage for its appraised or purchased price. Some endorsements offer greater protection, such as coverage in the event that you lose the item.

An endorsement will increase your premiums. It all depends on the coverage you have with the endorsement. More coverage will result in a higher premium.

Talk to your agent to find out if your insurance company offers an endorsement for your jewelry. In order to have your item appraised and proof of purchase, your insurance company will offer you an endorsement.

You can also consider jewelry insurance if an endorsement is not possible.

What type of insurance policies are available to cover jewelry?

You generally have two choices:

Endorsement of homeowner’s insurance

This policy add-on, also known as a floater and a rider, adds jewelry items to your policy and increases coverage for their appraised value or purchased value.

You would file a claim if the item is damaged by a covered cause, stolen, or lost (if your endorsement includes lost items), just as any other home insurance claim. You may need to pay a deductible depending on your endorsement.

Insurance for jewelry

Some companies offer separate jewelry insurance policies. These types of policies are offered by some companies, such as Jewelers Mutual. However, major insurance carriers also offer jewelry policies like Geico. A jewelry policy can provide coverage for lost items, and may not have a deductible. However, you will need to maintain and pay for a separate policy.


Is homeowner’s insurance able to cover jewelry that is lost?

You can rely on your standard personal item coverage, but not if you have to. You may have an endorsement that covers your jewelry. Check your policy to determine if the endorsement covers lost items.

What is jewelry insurance?

A jewelry insurance policy is a standalone insurance policy that insures jewelry. These policies typically list every insured piece of jewelry along with its purchased or appraised value. They also insure against theft, damage, and accidental loss. A deductible may be included in jewelry insurance policies.

How much is jewelry insurance?

No. Usually, insuring your jewelry costs