Does homeowners insurance cover trampolines?


A trampoline is a great activity that can bring joy to the whole family. You can give your children a way to exercise and make the outdoors more attractive.

You might wonder if insurance would offer financial protection, given the possibility of injury. Since most home insurance policies do not explicitly lay out the trampolines-insurance connection, many may wonder if their coverage extends to the trampoline. It will cover injuries. Does owning a trampoline impact homeowners insurance?

You need to be aware of where your trampoline is protected and at risk.

Is homeowner insurance available for trampolines?

It all depends on the insurance company. Insurance companies usually approach trampoline coverage one of three ways.

  • No exclusions: Your policy will allow you to use a trampoline without exclusions. This means that your home insurance coverage will likely cover you for injuries. If a guest gets hurt jumping on the trampoline or high winds blow it into a neighbor’s home, your liability coverage will pay for their injuries.
  • Trampoline insurance coverage is only available when homeowner takes certain precautions. For example, if the homeowner installs a fence around trampoline’s perimeter, or puts something softer than concrete around it (e.g. mulch or sand). Many insurance companies consider trampolines to be an attractive nuisance. This means that they could attract children who might injure themselves. To get home insurance coverage, you might need to comply with certain safety standards.
  • No coverage: Many companies exclude trampolines coverage from their policies due to the risk they present. This means that any incident that occurs on or due to your trampoline may not be covered. It could also mean that your insurance provider might refuse to renew your policy if you own the trampoline.
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Although it might be tempting to not tell your insurer about your trampoline it is better to be open about it. Sometimes, a provider can cancel a policy retroactively if you make false statements.

What is the best time to cover trampolines?

If you have a policy that covers trampolines and has no exclusions, or will provide coverage with safety precautions, there are some situations where your policy might be of assistance to you.


Your personal property coverage will pay for the replacement of your trampoline if it is damaged by hail, fire, or another covered disaster.

Your home insurance may cover damage if a strong wind blows your trampoline into a neighbor’s house, fence, or car. Your liability insurance could cover damages if you are found to be negligent for not properly anchoring your trampoline (upto your policy limits). If the trampoline was not properly anchored, and it is blown away by an unusually strong wind, your liability insurance may cover the damages.

Trampoline theft and damage

Your personal property coverage may be able to cover trampoline damage by vandals or theft, provided your policy covers trampoline coverage.

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Trampoline injuries

Who pays for injuries? This is the most frequently asked question about homeowners and trampoline insurance. Between 2002 and 2011, more that 1 million Americans went to the emergency room for injuries sustained while trampoline-jumping.

If a member of your family is hurt on the trampoline, your health insurance will cover it. Your home insurance might include liability coverage to cover guests who are hurt while jumping. In the event that they decide to sue, their liability coverage could also cover any court costs.

Treehouses vs trampolines

There are often homeowners and trampoline insurance questions. Because of the policy nuances it is common to have questions about trampolines and other nuisances. You may also have insurance questions about other fun additions to the property like a treehouse.

Treehouses are viewed by insurance companies in a similar way to trampolines. Many see treehouses as nuisances and will not cover them unless they have safety precautions. Some insurance companies may not offer coverage for treehouses in homes. Ask your insurance company about the impact on your coverage prior to installing a treehouse.

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The National Association of Insurance Commissioners recommends you have a personal umbrella insurance if you decide to install a trampoline or treehouse on your property. Your home insurance will provide some liability protection in the event that someone is hurt by your backyard attraction. However, there is a limit on how much it will pay. An umbrella policy provides significantly more coverage. This can be very useful if someone or their child gets hurt in your backyard.

What is the cost of trampoline insurance?

As a standalone product, trampoline insurance does not exist. However, homeowners can still obtain trampoline insurance coverage through their homeowners insurance if they select a provider that doesn’t exclude trampolines. To get coverage through your home insurance policy, you may need to meet some requirements. You might need to check whether the coverage covers the cost of replacing your trampoline depending on how much personal property you have.

Homeowners insurance rates will a trampoline have an effect? It could, depending on which insurer. A trampoline can increase the risk to your insurance provider. You should check with your insurance provider before you buy this backyard addition.