Does Progressive Liability Insurance Cover Towing?

Many car insurance policies include towing as part of their liability coverage, so any damages caused by your trailer to people or property are covered.

However, towing and storage fees can quickly add up; therefore, it would be wise to invest in comprehensive coverage that offers roadside assistance as well.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is mandatory in most states and covers the costs associated with injuries to others or property damage you cause. Progressive offers various liability options such as personal injury protection (PIP), collision and comprehensive policies to meet this need; comprehensive auto coverage often offers all of these features together and is often the top choice among car owners.

Assume you’re a mechanic working on a customer’s car and accidentally run over it with your truck when leaving the shop. Liability insurance would cover this damage; however, you would be required to pay out-of-pocket a small deductible before it kicks in.

Progressive offers commercial auto insurance policies designed specifically for businesses that need to protect cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles used for business purposes. A policy from Progressive can cover autos owned by your business as well as hired cars from third-party suppliers or even motorcycles used on company business trips – in some cases even covering lost income should an unexpected property loss force you to close shop and pay compensation instead of closing operations as soon as possible. Additionally, business interruption coverage pays compensation should this happen.

Progressive is known for providing both auto and commercial auto policies, but also offers other forms of business insurance such as garagekeepers legal liability, on-hook towing, and general liability policies for its business clients. Garagekeepers legal liability covers businesses for liability they incur when allowing customers to store vehicles on their property; on-hook towing protects tow trucking companies against liability when transporting customers’ vehicles; while general liability covers businesses against legal fees or medical expenses caused by business operations that lead to bodily injury or property damage claims.

Progressive is one of the country’s leading providers for auto, boat and homeowners insurance with its A+ score on WalletHub; serving consumers since 1937 by creating convenient shopping tools to make purchasing insurance simpler for consumers.

Comprehensive Coverage

Most states mandate liability insurance for drivers, and Progressive offers policies to meet minimum requirements. Many drivers opt for higher limits for bodily injury and property damage coverage as well as additional policies like uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) and collision. These coverages help shield drivers from out-of-pocket expenses such as medical bills or lost wages for others if you cause an accident; as well as repairs/replacement when your vehicle has been damaged due to an event outside their control – such as storm, animal contact or vandalism.

Since most car policies do not cover trailers even if they’re attached to the same vehicle, you must purchase either a separate policy or add-on that covers them. An inland marine policy provides coverage for movable property that falls outside other types of policies like business owners policies (BOP) or commercial general liability; usually it covers items stored away off your property like landscaping tools or building materials and often comes with towing and roadside assistance benefits as well. Coverage limits will depend on which insurer provides this type of policy coverage.

Your industry may necessitate specific commercial auto coverages. Contractors typically need general liability to fulfill legal responsibilities incurred if someone gets hurt on the job site; general liability covers lawsuits, medical bills and damages up to your policy’s limit as well as loss-of-income compensation should your business close unexpectedly for an unplanned amount of time.

Your business can purchase these coverages either individually or as a package through Progressive Advantage Business Program, wherein if you’re a small business you can contact or chat online with a representative for personalized quotes on stand-alone policies and claims reporting for larger entities.

Progressive offers comprehensive business owners policy (BOP) or commercial general liability coverage for large companies to protect your trucks and trailers, with towing and roadside assistance benefits as well as optional inland marine coverage for your movable property.

Collision Coverage

Collision insurance differs from Liability coverage by covering damages caused by objects other than your vehicle, regardless of who was at fault. Liability coverage will cover damage to other drivers’ vehicles; but collision coverage pays to repair or replace your own car up to its actual cash value (taken into account by Progressive when you submit a “stated amount,” your best estimate of its current worth). Collision coverage isn’t legally mandated on policies; however it’s often purchased as an add-on in addition to comprehensive and towing policies as leasing companies or lenders require it.

Towing coverage typically applies when your vehicle becomes disabled as the result of an accident covered by comprehensive or collision coverage and you are unable to drive it yourself. It could include towing within a specified distance from your car; winching services to pull it free from mud, snow or water; jump-start services for dead batteries; or winch outs from difficult situations like snowbanks. Your insurance company may require comprehensive or collision coverage before providing roadside assistance coverages and may impose limits upon their availability;

Most car policies include medical payments coverage to cover injuries or deaths no matter who caused an accident, while personal injury protection covers medical bills and funeral costs regardless of fault in an incident. Many also choose to include collision and comprehensive protection to their policy to shield it against damages caused by accidents, theft, vandalism, fire or weather-related issues – however adding these additional coverages usually increases overall policy costs.

Roadside Assistance

Progressive car insurance provides more than liability coverage; consumers can also purchase roadside assistance as an add-on. Many consumers like this coverage, which helps pay the cost of having their vehicle towed if something unexpected goes wrong with it – including flat tires or battery problems not related to an accident. You can usually purchase this coverage either online or by speaking to one of Progressive’s representatives over the phone.

Progressive’s roadside assistance plan is provided through its partnership with Agero, the nation’s premier provider of this type of service. It covers towing, battery jump-starts (for cars and other vehicles), on-scene labor for flat tire changes, locksmith services, emergency fuel delivery, locksmith services and up to one hour of mechanical work on site. However, unlike AAA plans, Progressive only covers cars insured by them; you won’t be able to use their assistance plan to assist other vehicles that you may be driving (unless involved in an accident while driving someone else’s car).

There may be restrictions on how much the company will reimburse you for towing services, and you must wait until your car has been taken to a repair shop before calling for help. Furthermore, all receipts from these services should be kept for tax purposes; some receipts might even require payment upfront before parts can be installed on your car – making this different than traditional auto insurance claims procedures and more frustrating to deal with for some customers.

Your boat trailer can benefit from additional protection by having comprehensive or collision coverage like that on your car or RV policy, providing coverage from accidents, theft, vandalism and natural disasters. This type of coverage can usually be added through adding it onto a policy you already own; or speaking with one of Progressive’s representatives to obtain more information and obtain a quote.

Progressive policies are both affordable and competitively priced; however, you should carefully weigh your options before selecting one. Although Progressive’s customer service representatives have generally been well received for their helpfulness, some individuals have reported them being hard to reach or unhelpful. Either way, our free tool makes getting quotes easy; just enter your ZIP code for instantaneous quotes based on other providers in our tool.