Double Your Insurance Leads by Targeting an Emerging Market

The success of insurance agencies selling to Hispanics is evident. New data is available to support the growth and spending power of this market. Hence, why isn’t every agency able to market to this rapidly-evolving Hispanic community?

These are five key tips to help you market Insurance products to Hispanics.

#1 Know your target audience.

There are a few distinct groups in the Hispanic population. Each group is dynamic and different from the others. There are many cultural, language, and generational differences. You need to choose which one will be your main focus. Insurance is universal. This means that anyone can sell or buy it. However, it has one advantage: people won’t travel far to get the services you provide. It will make it easier to identify your niche in the Hispanic community by looking at your local demographics. Is your area in Miami, San Diego, or Corpus Christi, for instance, where you have strong cultural influences? Are you in San Francisco, Chicago, or Miami, where culture is more important than the generation of Hispanic (1st, 2nd, or 3rd generations)? The advantage of an independent agent over larger corporate agencies is their ability to adapt their practice to the dominant Hispanic culture.

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#2 Use images to represent the Hispanic individual you are targeting.

Knowing your Hispanic audience is key. It is important to know the age of your target audience in cities with less cultural influences. For example, someone who was raised in Mexico or Puerto Rico will not be as influenced by the American lifestyle as someone who was raised with Americanized ideals. Second and third-generation Hispanics are becoming more influenced by American standards. Although they still have a strong influence on “family” and “family images”, their views are also influenced and influenced by images of personal growth, wealth and personal achievement.

Images that relate to the culture of Hispanics living in areas like Houston or Miami are more appealing to them. This goes beyond their immediate family, but also their extended families. These areas are heavily culturally dominated and will not be drawn to images that don’t include young and old people. However, this does not mean that you should use cigars or sombreros in your advertising campaigns. However, bright colors and images of families and homes with modest budgets have been successful.

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#3 Correct translations

No matter your target audience, the best advice for marketing to Hispanics is NOT to use slang. Slang can be used if a Dominican is in conversation with another Dominican. It is not appropriate for print marketing or online marketing. Slang phrases from one culture can be offensive to another, and could cause more harm than good.

If you plan to offer translation services or documents, ensure they are prepared by professionals who are familiar with the language. Translation does not mean simply translating Spanish words into English. The entire sentence structure and format must be altered to make sense.

#4 Offer bilingual services.

It is as profitable to cater to Spanish-speaking customers as it is to cater to English-speaking customers. You must offer services in both languages if you want to expand your reach into both markets. Recognize that people have different cultural backgrounds. Spanish may be the preferred language of a parent. They will likely be more comfortable using Spanish terminology and forms. Your English-language services may appeal to their son or daughter who was raised in the States. You will win their loyalty because you were able to speak the parents’ language.

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This could also mean that you need to expand your staff. You will need someone to answer the phone and talk with everyone who calls. Your staff should be able to communicate in English and Spanish. This will help you stand out from your competitors.

#5 Connect your agency in both English and French.

This is not the same as offering bilingual services. This is why you need to advertise your insurance agency in both English and Spanish. Print advertising is easy to explain. You simply need your pamphlets and brochures in both languages.

It is more difficult to market a website effectively. It is more difficult to market a website. Make sure your page titles, meta-tags and URLs are written in both Spanish and English.

It may be easier to be successful in one market than another. However, transforming into a multi-cultural agency can help you double your profits. When marketing to Hispanics within your area, knowledge is key. You will be a trusted advisor and more respected if you have a lot of knowledge.

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Christee Fontanez moved her focus to online marketing and advertising several years ago after securing her place as a top seller in the Financial and Insurance Industry for many years. She combines both and works now to create results-driven marketing campaigns as an independent advisor.