Driving without insurance in Nevada

In Nevada, driving without insurance is a risky proposition given the consequences. Nevada’s LIVE program electronically tracks vehicle owners and can detect when a car insurance policy has lapsed. By reporting on incidents, car insurance companies must keep the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) current. The DMV also checks vehicles owners periodically throughout the year in order to verify that they are still covered under a vehicle insurance policy.

Driving without insurance in Nevada can result in a much higher penalty than having the minimum insurance required by the state.

Nevada requires minimum insurance

Nevada law requires that vehicle owners have minimum liability coverage from an auto insurance company authorized to do business in Nevada. These minimums are:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury/death
  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury/death
  • $25,000 per accident for property damage

Driving without Nevada insurance can result in severe penalties

Nevada penalities for driving without insurance can reach as high as $250 to nearly $2,000 depending on the severity. Your driving privileges could be suspended. Nevada’s online insurance verification system, LIVE (Living in Nevada) keeps you informed about any changes or lapses in Nevada resident’s vehicle coverage. It is possible to get a ticket for not having insurance, but it is more likely that you will be flagged by the LIVE system first.

After being flagged, you will be notified to show proof of insurance to Nevada DMV. You may face the following penalties if you fail to prove that you have not lost your coverage. It is important to note that Nevada has a no-grace period for lapsed coverage. You will be fined $250 if you don’t have car insurance even for a day.

Reinstatement fees

A reinstatement fee could apply, ranging from $250 to $750. This amount will depend on how many lapsed insurance offenses your have had over the past five years.

Nevada driving without a licence fine

You will be assessed a fine and an insurance reinstatement fee. The amount you pay will depend on whether or not you have been without insurance coverage for a while.


You may be required to file an SR-22 with a vehicle insurance company to show you have proper coverage. The fee for the certificate of financial responsibility is usually $25 to $25 depending on where it is issued and what state they are from. Nevada’s DMV will require an SR-22 for insurance lapses that exceed:

  • More than 90 days for the first and second offenses
  • Three offenses or more: One to three days

License suspension

The Nevada DMV will suspend your Nevada license for at least 30 days if you have suffered three or more coverage lapses. You will be required to pay $75 plus any driver testing fees and the cost of your license to reinstate it.

Vehicle towing and impounding fees

Your vehicle could also be impounded by the DMV if you do not have car insurance. This can incur additional costs to get your vehicle back. Daily impound fees can average $30 per day, in addition to the towing fees.

In an accident and not having insurance

Car insurance’s purpose is to provide financial support to pay for the costs associated with a covered loss. Neglecting to have insurance in Nevada can lead to serious financial consequences. If found at fault for the collision, drivers in Nevada are responsible for any damages or injuries. Without a car insurance policy, you will have to pay the full cost of any damages. You will also likely have your driver’s license suspended for at least 30 days, with additional costs and requirements following, as referenced above.

Questions frequently asked

What happens if you give false information about your insurance?

Driving without insurance will immediately affect you in the state of Nevada. False information can make things worse. You are more likely to be caught. LIVE is an online insurance verification system used by Nevada. It can verify your vehicle coverage within minutes. The state requires all insurance companies to conform to the DMV’s requirements by validating and providing current information to the LIVE database. They must also report vehicles whose coverage has lapsed. False information can lead to policy termination. This could also affect the way the state decides your consequences.

What is the cost of Nevada car insurance?

The average cost of car insurance in Nevada is $2,246 per year for full coverage, based on quoted annual premiums from Quadrant Information Services. The cheapest minimum car insurance in Nevada may be much less, depending on the provider and your unique circumstances. Comprehensive and collision coverage is a smart financial protection option for drivers who want financial compensation for damage to their vehicle or loss.

What is SR-22 Insurance?

An SR-22 certificate is not insurance. An SR-22 is an insurance certificate that certifies you have sufficient car insurance and taken financial responsibility. If your Nevada car insurance has been lapsed for more than 90 days, you may be required to file an SR-22.

Is Nevada’s DMV able to tell me if my auto insurance has lapsed?

Nevada’s LIVE program, which works with state car insurance companies to quickly verify if you are covered, uses the LIVE program. Your insurance coverage will be checked by the DMV periodically throughout the year, or whenever you register your vehicle or renew it.