Easily Bypass Insurance Sales Objections and Resistance

Insurance sales is a process where the prospect views you more positively the sooner they meet you. This will reduce sales objections and resistance. This is a proven method of pre-selling yourself to be the best. This strategy starts right at the beginning of your presentation.


You must be different than a trainee salesperson when you go into a sales interview. Confident salespeople in insurance seem like they’ve been selling for a very long time. Confident salespeople don’t need to bring a briefcase. They can just take what they need. Your prospect and you both will experience a 15-point drop in blood pressure if you remove your tie immediately. Your prospect likely doesn’t wear a tie and has no funeral to attend. Greenhorn salespeople often arrive looking ghostly, as if he’s driving a Hearst.


You decide where you and your prospects will sit when you visit a home. It is best to have them sit at the kitchen or dining room table. They should not be allowed to sit in the middle of the room, or in a rocking chair. They should be able see any insurance documents or notes. Tell them you are glad you could fit them in today’s schedule. Ask them to turn off the television or radio if they are blaring. Now that you have earned their respect, they will be fair to your actions.


Take out your yellow pen and a $10 non-engraved pen, and place it in front. Next, place a small notebook and a $10 non-engraved pen in front of them. You are almost certain that they will ask you questions and do the things you want. They will ask you about the pen and your purpose. They ask you if the pen is needed to write down a note and if it’s okay to keep it with you when they leave. They will be grateful. All these are forms of pre-closing. When it is time to sign for insurance, the pen is always at their fingertips.


Nearly every household has a collection. Ask your wife what she collects and she will likely answer. She usually controls the checkbook. Ask them if they would mind showing you their favorite item from the collection. You can tell them how beautiful it is and how expensive it must be. Here’s the kicker. Now for the kicker. They will be delighted by your interest in them.


The typical insurance salesperson’s sign has been ripped up many times. Your thoughtful company is now well-received by your prospects. You don’t have to sell a crazy product. Tell yourself that you are almost slipping into home plate, without ever giving the presentation. Tell them that you are the highest-ranking person in your workplace because it makes you happy to help people like them. Explain that you’ve inspected your product and found it to be superior so that you purchased it. Ask them before you give your presentation. You only have 15 minutes left and then you’ll have to leave.

You have just pre-sold them another time. They won’t dare to tell you that you are boring and will likely compliment you. They know that most salespeople don’t know when to stop talking and end the conversation in an argument. They appreciate your respect for their time. It makes you seem very busy with many people eager to hear about your product. Resistance to your product can be prevented by all forms of pre-selling.


Tell them that you will write 3 reasons why they should use the yellow pad. Once you’re done, they will take their new pen and write a check on the one that appeals to them most. Ask them if they think that is fair. Continue, and let them know that you are serious. Keep Quiet. You will know the time when they leave a mark or discuss your reasons with you.

Ask them for the price of what it is that you are selling. Tell them the price and then immediately take the pad and say “you know that you made the smart decision most of my clients do”. You are done if the checkbook is cleared. You don’t have to sell if the checkbook is in. This could be “which of these options would you choose to be the best?”

This strategy will ensure that you don’t face any objections from insurance salespeople. Although you can’t close 100% of the sales, closing 80% instead on 40% will double your income.