Effectiveness Of Different Types Of Advertising For Truck Insurance Industry


There are many ways to advertise your truck insurance products or services. To communicate your message, you can choose from a variety of advertising options.

For commercial truck insurance or cargo insurance ads, you can use television advertising, press advertising and mobile billboard.

Advertising for truck insurance is only as effective as its target, investment, creation, and implementation. Support from others can also affect the effectiveness. Communication programs have a medium that plays an important role. Effective communication depends on playing this role well.

Some truck insurance companies may give you biased information about the effectiveness and efficiency of truck advertising types. You need to consider all angles in order to get an objective view of the effectiveness.

Each type of cargo and commercial truck advertising has its strengths and weaknesses. It all depends on how and when you use it. For it to be successful, you must make your advertising campaign unique and entertaining.

In the case of cargo insurance or truck insurance, there are many factors that determine the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. The effectiveness of any advertising type depends on its size, timing, audience, and content. Advertising for truck and cargo insurance is a big part of creativity.

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Here are some factors that will help you measure the effectiveness of commercial truck and cargo advertising. These are advertising metrics.

Impressions – Number of people exposed.

Frequency – The number of times each person was contacted by your truck insurance marketing.

Clickthroughs: The number clicks on your advertisement.

Post-impression visitors – Visit by the visitor, at another time

Increase in word-of mouth traffic to websites with unique visitors

Sales – What is the sales number, how many sales etc.

Here are some statistics to show the effectiveness and rise in use of advertising types.

Traditional media still holds a significant place in American advertising. 13,599 radio stations, 2,890 TV stations, unlimited cable and satellite outlets, 2,366 newspapers, and thousands of internet sites all work in the field of advertising. Other players such as magazines, direct mail, outdoor advertising and other special or alternative advertising are also involved in advertising.

The number of players will affect the revenue earning. Radio makes $20 billion annually; TV stations, cable and satellite TV stations earn $67 billion each, newspapers make $49 billion, and direct mail earns $24 trillion. Outdoor advertising generates $6.8 billion annually.

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The rise of new media and technologies in advertising such as blogs, podcasting, mobile phone-based advertising and cable TV programming on demand are all making a comeback.

When you consider each one, Press is the largest revenue-earner in advertising. TV is at the second spot. The internet is expanding at an extremely rapid pace. Its share of the advertising industry is growing (source: Advertising Association).

39% of all online advertising spend is spent on search marketing. In 2010, 44% of online advertising will be spent on search marketing. The search engine marketing options include 51% paid search ads, 12% search marketing agency fees paid for paid search, 6% paid inclusion, 11% search marketing agency optimization fees, 10% contextual ads, and 11% other search marketing areas. —- Forrester Research