Ending Insurance Objections With a Four Letter Word


A word that has magical powers can change the lives of many insurance sales reps. It transforms their careers from being unsuccessful to successful. It is a benefit to all sales reps. This will prevent many conversations from becoming heated arguments. It’s not “love”, “hope” and “will”, as these are all emotional words. The word I am referring to has no emotional significance whatsoever.

Many insurance sales reps are not trustworthy, and this is for good reason. Clients will often try to outdo the salesperson. It’s a natural instinct. I have found that the person in control is often the one who wins. I know from experience that I can just one word control my presentation and I am able to enter a sales environment without feeling any butterflies. I don’t need to read sales scripts or books about how to handle objections. Insurance sales reps are taught the most basic system: “Don’t stop until 8 times you have heard no”. When I speak to prospects, I don’t want to hear “no” only once and I won’t go in with battle gear. My armor is one word.

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How many times has an insurance sales rep wasted time presenting and then received objections at the end? The most feared one is “That’s too much for me to pay”, where you spend 30 minutes explaining why the price is reasonable. This is a bunch of bull. You don’t like the client, they don’t trust you, or they simply want to take control. The trap catches you by surprise and you won’t be able to escape it no matter how many handling objections books or other resources you read.

Grown salespeople fear the dreadful response of “I need it to be thought over.” You have just fallen into a pit deeper than six feet below. This isn’t a legitimate objection. It’s a prospect’s way to get you to stop your presentation. How many times does the prospect call you back to buy your product? One in 100 would be considered a reasonable rate. The ultimate stopper was not known. The word “guns” isn’t the right one.

This four-letter word can stop misery and make sales.

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This powerful word isn’t mysterious. In fact, it doesn’t have a rational meaning. The word “fine” is one that can be used to end all conversation and objections. Fine is the word that I found. It is often more effective when the word “fine” can be repeated several times to prevent further disturbances. The objection becomes less effective each time “fine” is mentioned, until it ceases to exist. Ask someone to give you an objection and ask them to only respond with “fine”. This will amaze you!

Let’s give it a try. Prospect: “I wasn’t interested in buying this product.” You respond, “Fine”. What is the prospect’s response? Prospect “I need time to think it through” You, Tough prospect Prospect, “maybe half that amount” You, “Fine,” Do you want something comparable at half the price? Prospect: “Maybe, but I need to see it first.” You: “Fine, I will show you the other one here, and you can decide if that’s okay.” Prospect said, “That might work.” You made his objection into a sales situation by asking him the questions. 70% of the times, the prospect will choose the original option.

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Please explain to me what fine means. It means the end of the subject. Or, the subject isn’t important enough to answer. Wife asks me to return in 10 minutes. My reply was “Fine”. The discussion was closed. I will respond “Fine” if I am criticised. I reply “Fine”, and I will continue to use “Fine”, until the conversation ends. No big fight, no sweat on my back, no domestic situation.

It works every time. Fine is the best word for peaceful people.