Esurance vs. Allstate: What’s the Difference?

Disclaimer: Esurance’s parent company Allstate announced in 2020 that Esurance would be phased out over the next few months. This article could contain outdated information.

Although Esurance is owned by Allstate, the two companies have very different business models. Allstate focuses on customer relationships with dedicated agents while Esurance prefers to cater to customers who prefer an online, low-touch experience.

We’ll take a closer look at the differences between them.

Allstate vs. Esurance – Average car insurance rates

NerdWallet analyses the prices of car insurance every year from the biggest companies in each state to assist consumers shopping for a policy. We can provide some insight about the prices of Esurance, Allstate and other large companies in many states.

Esurance and Allstate are not known for charging very different rates. The rates we found in 2019 for good drivers with good credit were only about $10 per month. These are the average annual rates for full coverage, three driver profiles, and minimum coverage rates for a good driver with excellent credit.

These prices represent the average of rates found for each company in all states. They may not reflect local prices. In our analysis, Esurance is more affordable than Allstate in some states, including Arizona, California, and Colorado. It’s also cheaper for people with bad credit in Colorado.

How to Buy:

  • Through a network, Allstate provides a complete range of products and policies in all 50 states. Allstate insurance quotes can be obtained online. However, if you wish to purchase a policy, a local agent will be assigned.
  • Esurance offers a variety of online tools that will help you purchase insurance. Esurance doesn’t offer the option to meet with agents in person. The company sells online and via telephone.

NerdWallet Ratings: Esurance vs. Allstate

Allstate has earned a 4.5-star rating and a place in NerdWallet’s list of the best car insurance companies. Esurance earned 4 stars.

NerdWallet’s ratings are calculated using weighted averages of scores across several categories including affordability, financial strength, consumer complaints and transparency on websites. We also take into account customer satisfaction surveys.

Allstate vs. Esurance – customer satisfaction

According to J.D., Esurance scores higher in customer satisfaction when customers shop, while Allstate has happier customers after a claim. Power. The 2019 J.D. The 2019 J.D.

  • Esurance ranked fourth out of 19 ranked companies. It earned a rating “Better than most”
  • Allstate was rated “about average” with the 15th highest score.

J.D. Power was not available at the time of publication. Both companies were “about-average” in its 2018 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. Esurance was 16th.

Allstate vs. Esurance – Usage-based car insurance

Both provide “usage-based” car insurance, DriveWise from Allstate or DriveSense from Esurance. These programs use an app to track your driving habits, such as mileage, speed, acceleration, and hard braking. The information is handled differently by each company.

  • Allstate’s DriveWise reward safe driving habits with cash back and Allstate Rewards. This includes discounts on electronics and clothing brands.
  • Esurance rewards safe driving by offering policy discounts, which include an initial discount when you sign up for DriveSense.

Pay-per-mile is also offered by each company. This service charges a per-mile fee and a base rate. Esurance’s pay-per mile insurance is only available in Oregon. Allstate has it in 12 other states and the District of Columbia.

Esurance’s online tools are some of the most complete.

  • The Coverage Counselor will make recommendations about coverage for you.
  • Photo claims allow you to submit photos for damage appraisals.
  • RepairView allows you to keep track of repairs and even take a photo every day of your vehicle.
  • Fuelcaster is a tool that forecasts gas prices and helps you to plan for any changes.