Exclusive Insurance Leads – How to Set Your Agency Up For Success

Your agency should view the exclusive insurance leads it receives as an investment in your company. This article will help you change how you market your insurance products today.

No competition = Higher Close Rate

Exclusive insurance leads have the greatest benefit. You are only competing with one company and that company is the client you are quoting. Because they haven’t been contacted 15 times, clients will be more open to spending time calling and will come into agencies because they know they can save money. Research shows that the number of telemarketing prospects increases dramatically when there is less competition. Combine the advantages of local marketing and no competition to create a profitable insurance marketing campaign. It’s easy to contact potential clients and use your local agency to sell to local prospects. Exclusive insurance leads are the best way to succeed in your highly competitive insurance market.

Higher contact ratio = More sales

A higher contact ratio, which is often overlooked, is another important benefit to exclusive leads. It’s obvious that the more people you have in your network, the more insurance you can sell. It can be very time-consuming to chase down internet leads with a 37% contact rate. Imagine making more connections with prospects in your area. You could build rapport with your prospects and sell yourself, your agency and the products that you offer immediately. If you have the right staff, you’ll see a significant increase in your close rates for live transfers and initial calls.

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The Secret To Success

Research of top-producing insurance agencies revealed one thing that all had in common. They didn’t want anyone to know the secrets they used every day in their agency. Many agencies had a telemarketing system in place to generate insurance leads. A Michigan agency that telemarketing local prospects generated more than $80,000 per month in premium. The agency saves upwards of $8500 per month on advertising for non-exclusive internet leads. This method is low-cost and highly effective in generating exclusive insurance leads. He explained that “my results are usually more effective than calling warehouses because of the inefficiency in the telemarketing systems they use, and the fact the contracted company must transfer the call which results in less solid contacts.” The agency invested in a “triple-line dialer” telemarketing program to avoid the monotony of dialing one number after the other. It can call up to three numbers simultaneously, keeps track of sales and contacts, and allows you to make multiple calls at once. Agent recommended that sales representatives be trained and required to work for 1 to 2 hours per day in order to receive exclusive insurance leads each day. This is a great way to maximize efficiency. This method is extremely efficient, as it doesn’t require you to pay for leads or part-time help. It also allows you to have the best qualified candidate call your sales representative in your agency and speak directly with them.

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You have the opportunity to take immediate action in your agency and elevate your game. One company that offers services to install “triple-line dialer” systems in your agency and implement exclusive insurance leads strategies is this one.