Exclusive Insurance Leads Scam

Exclusive insurance lead. To make sure we all get it right, an exclusive lead is one that was generated only for you or your company. It will not be sold or redistributed.

Online insurance leads- The majority of online insurance leads are generated via banner ads or affiliate websites. This is where the problem lies. Companies are now using multiple websites to post banner ads or run cost-per click campaigns such as Google AdWords because the internet is so competitive in the marketing of insurance. I have seen ads that offer free Ipods for those who fill out their information. The websites that collect the information are not owned fully by the lead generation company, so leads are usually distributed to multiple recipients. We also see a problem with internet lead generation in that online shoppers are more competitive than offline shoppers. The chances are that the prospect has been to other websites to inquire about insurance. This means that by the time you receive the lead and attempt to set up an appointment, other agents have been contacting the prospect. Internet lead generation has one problem: the leads aren’t prequalified and, most importantly, they don’t have creditability. Internet lead generation can be done in a simple touch-and-go fashion. Anyone can fill out a submission but that does not mean they are qualified or genuinely interested. Although this may seem extreme, my 8-year-old niece clicks on the same banner ads and fills out that information all the time.

Insurance Leads from a Mailing List- Postcards and ads via snail mail are one of the oldest forms for marketing. It has its ups and downs. First, the conversion rates from mailing lists are among the lowest in the industry with the highest being.01%. The cost is so low that you still have a profitable R.O.I. Return on investment. For just a penny per mailer, you can send out thousands of them. Again, exclusivity is the problem. Mailers are often thrown out before recipients have a chance to read them. This is why junk mail has become so popular. There are people who actually read these kinds of advertisements and, if they do, they will most likely respond to other mailers. They are not prequalified as this is only possible through telemarketing, which also happens to be a great way to get a unique insurance lead.

Telemarketing generates exclusive insurance leads. Telemarketing offers you the chance to pre-screen and prequalify every lead. It is also the only way that the lead will be exclusive. A few call centers that offer insurance appointment setting include a qualifying question to ensure the prospect isn’t currently in talks with any other agents. If the contract specifies, the company will not sell the lead to another agent. Telemarketing allows you to reach the prospect before they’ve had the opportunity to shop around. Remember, it is not them who are searching for you in this situation, but you. It is also a great way to ensure that each lead qualifies. You can filter out unqualified leads by asking a series questions. Age, income, and other demographics are all important. You need to make sure that you choose the right call center, and they offer 100% for their scheduled appointments.