Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads – How Valuable?

Exclusion Makes Medicare Supplement Leads Worthwhile

Your business growth as a senior’s insurance agent may be dependent on new Medicare supplement leads. It is vital to ensure that your Medicare leads are of high quality. Agents want to be able to close more sales with fresh leads. This is common sense.

What is the most important thing to look for in evaluating Medicare supplement leads and why? One word: Exclusivity. Although there are many attributes to consider, you shouldn’t spend too much time trying to negotiate with companies that don’t guarantee exclusivity within your chosen territory.

Your provider will only give you exclusive Medicare supplement leads in your territory. Your provider will guarantee that the leads they have created for your territory are not shared with anyone. If you contact someone from your provider, you can be sure that no other agent will contact the prospect.

Remember that there are many Medicare supplement lead providers who cover the same areas and geographic regions. There will likely be others scouring your territory looking for leads. You may also find an agent representing a different provider speaking to the same Medicare leads that you do. However, this is the nature and freedom of the free market where seniors and individuals have the ability to make their own decisions after speaking to multiple agents. This is similar to talking with different companies before buying your auto insurance.

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Exclusive Benefits

Exclusive leads mean higher sales and profits. There are fewer agents calling the same prospects, so your chances of making a sale are greater. Prospects are happier when they don’t get tired of hearing from multiple agents and engage with each one with curiosity. This means that you can spend more time with each prospect trying to close the sale than rushing from prospect to prospect.

Exclusion means less competition. Let’s say you purchased Medicare supplement leads with no exclusivity. Your Medicare supplement leads provider could then sell the same list to other agents and let them fight it out on the field. This is often what happens, because agents don’t want to pay extra for exclusivity. They are frustrated when multiple agents call the same prospect. In the end, agents who purchase a list that is not exclusive make less sales and lose more money.

Exclusivity means that your provider is ethical. It is better to work with an ethical Medicare Supplement Leads provider that is interested in building a relationship with you and supporting you with marketing collateral and training. You will be more productive in closing sales if you have an ethical organization supporting you. A lone wolf who is armed only with non-exclusive Medicare Supplement leads will quickly tire and be discredited.

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Exclusivity increases your growth prospects. You can be more focused on your clientele and develop a relationship with a trusted provider of Medicare supplement leads. In the insurance industry, word of mouth is very important. Referrals are something we all want from family and friends. If you spend time with clients, get to know them well, and make an effort to be a part their community, you have a high chance of them recommending you to their friends and neighbors, and helping you build a stable client base.

Smart, successful agents don’t spread themselves too thinly across too many territories. They focus on building a profitable, reputable franchise in the territory they choose.