Finding car insurance in Alabama after a DUI

Drivers convicted of a DUI in Alabama see an average 92% increase in car insurance. Based on a study by of 2021 annual premiums from Quadrant Information Services, this means that almost all DUI/DWI drivers in Alabama will have to pay nearly twice the amount for car insurance. This is a significant amount, but it is consistent with the nationwide trend. The national average car insurance cost increases by about 99% for drivers convicted of DUI.

Alabama DUI laws

The following are the ways you can define a DUI in Alabama:

  • Drivers 21+ can drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of at least.08%
  • Driving under the influence of any drug or substance that impairs the driver’s ability to safely and prudently drive

The BAC of.08 and higher is the most common conviction according to our study of annual premiums. Alabama DUI penalties can vary depending on which conviction was made. Penalties increase for each subsequent offense. Below is a list of penalties for DUI offenses from the 1st through 4th.

Alabama DUI and car insurance

Car insurance companies take into account many factors when determining the cost of car insurance premiums. The overall goal is to assess the risk that the driver poses to the insurer. The driver’s type of vehicle, ZIP code, credit score, driver age, and driver type can all help determine the risk they pose to the insurance company. The formula for determining insurance premiums takes into account DUI convictions. It is based on years worth of analyzed data and can often accurately predict the likelihood of an accident, which could prove costly to insurers.

DUI drivers are statistically more likely than others to engage in dangerous behavior in the future. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1/3% of DUI arrests were made by repeat offenders. It is clear why car insurance companies charge DUI-convicted drivers more or drop them entirely, considering that drunk driving remains a leading cause for death on America’s roads.

Alabama’s true DUI price is substantial. On average, drivers convicted in Alabama of DUI will pay 92% more for their car insurance. The average annual premium for full coverage in this state is over $3,100. This is a bit less than the national average at 99% or more than $3,300 for full coverage. Drivers who are not eligible for coverage from one provider might have to compare rates from other providers and may see rates that are different from those shown here.

Alabama DUI: Finding car insurance

Bankrate compared the top insurance companies in Alabama by market share to determine the average premiums for DUI-convicted drivers. These are often national providers. It may not be as expensive to use a national provider in many cases. Because risk is spread across many policies, overall rates can be lower. These providers are not available to all high risk drivers and rates may vary depending on the driver’s situation.

Alabama DUI drivers who compare rates should consider available discounts. Some discounts do not depend on the driver’s driving record. They may be easier to get and lower premiums. Drivers may be eligible to receive telematics discounts or safe driving-based discounts. You will need to contact each provider and talk with an agent about your circumstances and the discounts that you would be eligible for.

Questions frequently asked

What will a DUI in Alabama do to my permanent record?

Alabama DUIs are permanent. It doesn’t expire or disappear.

Is it possible for an out-of state DUI to affect my Alabama sentencing?

Yes, any DUI conviction you get in another state can potentially increase the penalties you receive here in Alabama. It is possible that it will not impact your case if you have been convicted in another state for at least five years.

Alabama requires SR-22 insurance

Contrary to what you might have read online, an SR-22 does not constitute insurance. An SR-22 is proof that insurance is required in certain states for drivers convicted on serious traffic violations, such as a DUI. An SR-22 from your insurance provider is proof that you have at least the minimum coverage required by Alabama. Your provider will notify the DMV if you cancel your policy.