Finding car insurance in Arkansas after a DUI

You have probably experienced some of the problems that car insurance can cause if you’ve ever been convicted of a DUI. A DUI conviction in Arkansas can increase the average cost of car insurance by 63%. A DUI can lead to an average increase of 99% in auto insurance at the national level.

Rates tend to rise, and it can be more difficult to get auto insurance after a DUI conviction. This is partly due to the high social cost of drunk driving , which amounts to nearly $44 billion annually in damages and death. There are several steps you can take to help you find affordable auto insurance if you are facing a DUI in Arkansas.

Arkansas DUI laws

It is important to understand Arkansas’ DUI laws in order to fully comprehend the consequences. DUI laws in Arkansas are graded by the number and severity of the offenses. Penalties for the first DUI are much lower than those for subsequent DUIs. If they cause severe bodily harm while driving under the influence, however, penalties for first DUIs are often much lower than those for subsequent DUIs.

Arkansas’s graduated DUI penalties are determined based on offenses that occurred within five years of each other. These penalties could not be the only ones the driver faces depending on how serious the incident was.

Arkansas DUI convictions will result in Arkansas drivers being required to pay $150 for a license reinstatement fee. In the event of revocation, they must also retake the Arkansas state driving test and pass it. These penalties do NOT take into consideration the effect on your car insurance.

Arkansas DUI and car insurance

A DUI can be expensive. Your premiums will increase by 63% if you are convicted of DUI in Arkansas. Your rates will rise even more if you are convicted of a DUI in Arkansas. You may have to cancel your auto insurance. Arkansas requires that DUI-convicted drivers obtain an SR-22 certificate and keep it for at least three consecutive years.

A DUI conviction can make it more costly to insure a driver. Insurance companies classify DUI convictions as high risk drivers. This means that they are more likely than others to inflict injury or property damage and are therefore more likely to be sued. To offset the higher risk, DUI convictions are often required to have a higher minimum amount of auto insurance.

If you are unable to find car insurance due to a DUI, then none of these issues matter. You may be denied coverage by some car insurance providers, whether you apply for a new policy or renew an existing one.

After a DUI, Arkansas: Finding car insurance

It takes a lot of effort to find affordable car coverage. It can be more difficult to find affordable car insurance after a DUI in Arkansas or DWI in Arkansas. Some auto insurance companies may still offer affordable rates to customers with a criminal record. Consider focusing your search on insurers that specialize in high-risk drivers. Compare quotes from multiple companies and shop around.

We compared average rates for DUI convictions from Arkansas car insurance companies and found that many of them offer affordable auto insurance rates to people with DUIs. These average rates are not guaranteed to be exact and may differ from your actual quote. However, these companies could be a good place to start if convicted of DUI and you need insurance. To see if there are any discounts available, you might also want to visit each carrier’s discount page.

Questions frequently asked

What will a DUI in Arkansas do to my criminal record?

DUI is a criminal offense and will be added to your permanent record. Depending on the circumstances, penalties could include severe fines or jail time. The consequences of your offenses will be less severe if you have fewer and more serious offences.

What is the cost of car insurance in Arkansas for a DUI?

For full coverage, the average cost for car insurance in Arkansas is $1,914 per annum. This is slightly more than the $1,674 national average. A DUI conviction in Arkansas can result in an average 63% increase in your insurance premiums.

Which insurance policy is best for your car?

It can be difficult to find the best car insurance because so many factors are involved. The Bankrate guide to the best auto insurance companies for 2021 and the Bankrate guide car insurance to those with a DUI are two great resources to help you find the right car insurance company. You may find other providers that are better for you. It is a good idea, therefore, to compare quotes from different carriers before buying a policy.