Finding car insurance in Delaware after a DUI

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) is a major traffic offense . Driving under the influence (DUI) can lead to your driver’s license being revoked, suspended, and even jail time. Insurance premiums could also be raised. A DUI in Delaware will make you a high-risk driver for many insurance companies. It will be hard to find car insurance that will not raise your rates.

Delaware drivers spend an average of $787 to get minimum coverage, and $1,775 to get full coverage. The average cost of Delaware car insurance after a DUI is $3,302, which means that the average annual premium increase in Delaware is about 86.02%. The U.S. drivers can expect their annual full coverage premiums will increase from $800 up to $3,000 depending on their insurance coverage, carrier and location.

Delaware DUI laws

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can have a negative impact on your life and the lives of others. It is a crime in many states, even Delaware. You will be arrested if you are found driving with a blood alcohol level of.05 percent and higher. You could also face additional penalties, such as your license being suspended or revoked and heavy fines.

Delaware laws provide that a DUI charge can be filed against anyone who is caught operating or driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. You can be punished for DUI depending on whether you have been convicted multiple times of DUI. While the penalties and suspension of your license may vary depending on whether you have been convicted of DUI multiple times, Delaware drivers who are convicted can expect to receive the following:

  • A first DUI offense can result in a $1,500 fine, 12 months imprisonment, and a license suspension of up 2 years.
  • A second DUI offense, and subsequent offenses, can result in a maximum $2,500 fine, mandatory jail time for a minimum 60 days to 18 months, and license revocation up to 30 month.

Driving records will be kept for five years after a DUI conviction. You may need to complete additional steps to get your license reinstated. This includes an alcohol education program, payment of all fines, payment of a $200 reinstatement fee, and completion of a defensive driving course.

What a DUI can do to your Delaware car insurance

Car insurance in Delaware costs an average of $787 for minimum coverage and $1,775 for full coverage. However, the average cost of car insurance after a DUI in Delaware is $3,302 per annum. Drivers can expect an increase in car insurance costs of between $800 and $3,000 after a DUI. Prices vary depending on the insurance carrier, geographic location and insurance coverage.

After obtaining a DUI, insurance rates will rise because you will be considered a high risk driver. A DUI conviction is illegal and can lead to severe consequences. Higher insurance costs will result if you are considered more risky than an insurance company. If you are convicted of a DUI, some insurance companies may not cover you for insurance. Your insurance company may refuse to renew car insurance if you have it.

Below is a table showing Delaware’s car insurance rates before and after a DUI. It also shows the percentage increase compared to the national average.

After a Delaware DUI, you can find car insurance.

It can be difficult to find car insurance after a DUI conviction in Delaware. Many car insurance companies will reject your application depending on how many DUIs have you been convicted. Based on Bankrate research, Progressive, USAA, State Farm, Sentry, and Travelers are the top-rated car insurance companies that offer the lowest rates for DUI. Below is the chart that shows how each insurance company’s average annual premium after a DUI.

Progressive has the lowest average annual premium for DUI victims, but there are other discounts you can use to reduce your cost. If your insurance provides this discount, you might be eligible to receive a discount for completing the Delaware defensive driving course.

Questions frequently asked

What will a DUI in Delaware do to my criminal record?

DUI in Delaware is a crime and illegal. Your driving privileges will be revoked immediately and you could even be arrested. You will also be charged with a DUI or any other traffic offense that was found during your arrest.

Is it possible to get cheap car insurance if I am convicted of a DUI in Delaware?

Yes, Delaware DUIs will stop you from receiving the best car insurance rates possible. Your car insurance rates will increase by approximately 80 percent after you have been convicted of a DUI. You may not be covered by some car insurance companies.

What car insurance companies offer coverage for DUI victims?

Many of the big car insurance companies, including State Farm, Progressive, and Travelers, offer car insurance even after a DUI. These insurance companies might offer lower rates than other companies.