Finding car insurance in Iowa after a DUI

In 2018, Iowa had 100 fatalities from alcohol-related traffic accidents. Driving while impaired in Iowa can lead to severe consequences and a high premium for car insurance. Drivers who are convicted of DUI in Iowa could see their rates rise by an average of 15%. This is slightly less than the 87% national average rate hike. It can be difficult to find a auto insurance policy after a DUI. However, there are many companies that offer affordable rates.

Iowa DUI laws

The DUI laws in Iowa are very strict. A driver’s license can be revoked up to 180 days for a first offense of driving while having a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher. They may be able to keep a temporary driving permit for that time. Iowa DUI penalties will likely mean that drivers must install an ignition interlock device on their vehicles. Iowa has a zero tolerance policy. Drivers under 21 who are convicted of DUI will not be eligible for temporary licenses and may lose driving privileges for the time allowed.

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A second DUI conviction in Iowa can result in penalties similar to the first. However, it could lead to license revocation for up to one year and ignition interlock devices being installed for up to one year. The Iowa law allows drivers to use temporary licenses during license revocation periods. This is unless prohibited by law. Drivers who cause an accident under the influence (OWI), which results in death, could lose their license for up six years. The Iowa Department of Transportation states that drivers who cause fatal accidents under the influence are not eligible for temporary licensing for two years.

Iowa drivers who are convicted of DUI/DWI will not be sent to jail. They will be subject to fines and reinstatement fees. Drivers must file an SR-22 form to get their license back after the restriction period. This is a certificate that shows you have the minimum required insurance in the state.

What a DUI can do to your Iowa car insurance

A DUI in Iowa is expensive, especially considering how it affects your car insurance rates. Drivers in Iowa who are convicted of DUI or DWI could see their car insurance premiums rise by an average of 15%. This is less than the 87% national average rate hike. Below is a table that shows how much Iowa’s car insurance rates could rise after a DUI. It is lower than the national average rate hike.

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Intoxicated driving is a sign that you are unsafe and car insurance companies will raise your rates to reflect this risk. You may continue to pay high premiums for many years, until your driving record is cleared. It is possible for your insurance company to decide to cancel your policy completely after a DUI.

Drivers who have been convicted of a DUI in Iowa may be able to file an SR-22 for their own benefit through their insurance company. Drivers may want to look into non-standard insurance providers for car insurance. These companies usually offer SR-22 insurance and are more likely than others to approve coverage for high risk drivers.

After a DUI, Iowa: Finding car insurance

Although it can be difficult to find affordable insurance for your car after a DUI, there are some companies that offer good rates. We found that Progressive and USAA have the highest rates for Iowa drivers who have had one DUI. The table below shows the average annual premiums.

These are average rates. Insurance companies will consider your driving record as well as your credit score, claims history and age. They may also consider your type of car, deductible, and amount of coverage that you require when calculating your rate. You could pay more or less depending on what your personal information is.

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Questions frequently asked

What will a DUI in Iowa do to my criminal record?

A DUI conviction in Iowa will be permanent. Deferred judgments may be eligible for expungement. A DUI can be erased from your driving record after 12 years. This should not affect your insurance rates. A background check will not reveal a DUI conviction.

What can I do to save money on my car insurance after a DWI arrest in Iowa?

After an Iowa DUI, there are many ways to save money on your car insurance. You should look for insurance companies offering discounts that you may be eligible for. This includes bundling your auto and home insurance, taking defensive driving courses, or paying your annual premium fully. To get a lower monthly cost, you might consider increasing your deductible.

Iowa SR-22 insurance: How much?

An SR-22 does not constitute an insurance policy. Therefore, you do not have to pay a premium or deductible. The Iowa DMV will require that you submit the SR-22 paperwork. Most car insurance companies charge a flat fee. You may be required to pay a renewal fee each year the certificate is on your record.