Finding car insurance in Kansas after a DUI

The Sunflower State, Kansas, has an average of two million licensed drivers, and in 2020, had 400 traffic deaths, an increase of five percent from 2019. Around 20% of these fatalities were reported to have been caused by impaired driving. Kansas Highway Patrol is responsible for hundreds of drunk driving fatalities each year. Despite the existence of laws and penalties, DUI arrests still happen.

Your car insurance premiums will rise if you have a DUI conviction on your criminal record. The average Kansas car insurance premium will rise by 73 percent after a DUI. It can go from $1,698 up to $2,930. After a DUI conviction it becomes harder to find affordable coverage. Your current policy may even be at risk.

Kansas DUI laws

Kansas law allows an intoxicated person to be charged with DUI even if they have not actually driven a vehicle. Kansas law considers any act of operating a vehicle while intoxicated as a DUI. This includes driving a car. A Kansas DUI conviction for drunk driving is based solely on the driver’s blood alcohol level and not the extent of impairment. A DUI offense requires that the motorist’s blood alcohol content be at least 0.08 percent. However, for drivers under 21 years old, it is 0.04 percent.

The criminal punishment for first-time DUI offenders includes 48 hours to six month imprisonment, up to $1,000 in penalties, and 30 days license suspension. 180 days ignition interlock. A blood alcohol level of 0.15 percent or more can result in license suspension and jail time. Kansas does not usually allow for imprisonment or license suspension for repeat DUI offenses.

If you are stopped for drunk driving, and you refuse to submit to a breathalyzer test or take a blood test, an ignition interlock could be installed on your car for two years.

What a DUI can do to your Kansas car insurance

The average national cost of car insurance costs $1,674, but that is only for those who have been convicted of DUI. It is about $3,336, which is a 99 percent increase. Although it is possible to get coverage after a DUI conviction, it can be difficult for some people. Kansas’s average price for full coverage car insurance after a DUI offense is $2,930. However, the cost can vary depending on the insurance company. Although most major insurance companies offer options for high-risk drivers, do not be surprised to find that some companies will deny you coverage.

These steps are taken by insurance companies because DUI-convicted motorists are considered high risk. A DUI can indicate that you are more likely than someone with a clean criminal record to cause an accident or traffic violation. Higher risks mean that insurance companies might be more likely to cover your claims. The premiums will be higher because of this.

No matter whether you are facing imprisonment or severe fines, a DUI conviction will remain on your criminal record in Kansas. A DUI conviction can have a significant impact on your insurance policy, even if you are able to get it exonerated (which Kansas made easier in 2015). Your DUI conviction will be visible whenever you go through background checks for applications for jobs, renting property, or enrolling in college.

After a Kansas DUI, you can find car insurance.

After a DUI conviction, a hike in your annual car insurance premiums is very likely. However, the percentage of increases varies from insurer to insurer. Progressive, for example, raises your annual car insurance premium by just 13 percent following a DUI conviction. However, some providers can double or triple the cost. Some insurance companies might deny coverage to drivers who have a DUI record. Others may refuse to renew their current policy.

To give you an idea of the premiums you can expect after a DUI conviction, we looked at several Kansas providers. Progressive has the best rates in Kansas for full coverage at $2063, followed closely by USAA at 2126 and American Family @ 2 368. These rates are an average and may not reflect your actual rates.

DUI convictions can have a major impact on your car insurance costs for three to five years. After that, it might be possible to offset this expense by availing discounts from some insurers. Safe driver programs are offered by many insurers. These programs help you save money and develop good driving habits.

Questions frequently asked

What will a DUI in Kansas do to my criminal record?

A DUI is a criminal offence that stays on your Kansas record for life. The state passed a 2015 law that allows drivers to erase their criminal record. This means that the conviction will only be found in extremely limited circumstances. Kansas allows you to petition the court for the expungement of a DUI conviction after five years for the initial offense and ten for subsequent offenses.

What happens if I get a DUI?

You may have to spend jail time depending on the number of DUI convictions. For first-time offenders, however, the sentence may be reduced or replaced with community service. If you are charged with DUI, the court may have discretion as to what penalty you will receive. It is a good idea for you to consult an attorney.

What is the SR-22?

Kansas requires you to file an SR-22 certification if your driver’s licence was revoked. You can then have it reinstated. The certificate is usually valid for one year. An SR-22 certificate is a proof of financial responsibility that verifies you have the minimum required insurance.