Finding car insurance in Maryland after a DUI

28 people die each day in America from drinking and driving accidents. DWIs and DUIs are serious offenses that carry severe penalties. You will most likely experience an increase in your car insurance premium after being convicted in Maryland of DUI. Maryland drivers see an average 78% increase in their car insurance premiums after being convicted for DUI. This is lower than the national increase which is 99%.

Understanding Maryland DUI laws, how DUIs impact your insurance, and how to find the right insurance after you are convicted could help you make informed decisions about your car insurance.

Maryland DUI laws

Maryland is one of the most serious states for driving under the influence. A DUI conviction can lead to a fine, loss of your license, or even jail time.

A DUI is defined by Maryland law as driving with a blood alcohol level of.08 or more.

You could be charged with the following offenses if you are convicted in Maryland of DUI:

  • First offense: You could be fined up to $1,000 or sentenced to up to one year imprisonment if this is your first DUI offense. Your driving record could also be affected by up to 12 points and your license could be suspended up to six months.
  • Second offense: A second DUI offense can result in a $2,000 fine or two years imprisonment (with a maximum of five days). Your license could be suspended for as long as one year if you have twelve points.
  • You will be required to participate in Maryland’s Ignition Interlock Program if you have two convictions within five year. Before your ignition is unlocked, you must pass a breathalyzer test.
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You may be required to take part in an alcohol abuse program if you are convicted of any one of these offenses.

You could be charged with the following charges if you are convicted in Maryland of a DWI:

  • First offense: You may be fined up $500 or jailed for as long as two months. Your driving record could be impacted by eight points. Licenses could also be suspended for as long as six months. Your license may be suspended for as long as a year if you’re under 21.
  • Second offense: You could face up to one year in prison and a $500 fine. Your license could be suspended for eight points Your license could be suspended from nine months to one year. Your license could be suspended up to two years if you are younger than 21.

These offenses can be more severe if you have a minor riding in your vehicle or cause an accident that results in serious injury or death. Your DUI or DWI situation may impact the severity of your penalty.

Maryland DUI and car insurance

A DUI can lead to a premium hike. Your risk is part of car insurance rates. If you have a DUI, your chances of getting insurance will increase. It is possible that your insurance company will not renew your current policy. You may need to do some research in order to find an appropriate company. There are companies that will insure high-risk drivers.

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Maryland DUI convictions result in an average increase in auto insurance premiums of 78%. The national average increase percentage is 99%. The table below shows the average annual full coverage premiums.

Every insurance company has its own underwriting guidelines. Your premium will depend heavily on your individual rating factors, such as the coverages you select and your driving record. These average premiums may not apply to you. Your rates could be higher or lower.

After a Maryland DUI, you can find car insurance

Even though you are likely to be considered a high risk driver following a DUI conviction, there are still ways that you can get auto insurance coverage. Some car insurance companies won’t write policies for you if your DUI is documented. However, there are many companies that work with high-risk drivers.

Every insurance company is unique so getting quotes from multiple companies could help you find the right coverage for your needs. Here are the average premiums for full coverage after a DUI. These premiums were calculated from multiple major insurance companies in Maryland.

Questions frequently asked

What will a DUI in Maryland do to my criminal record?

Maryland DUIs, like other states, are criminal offenses. You could be subject to fines, suspension of your license, or jail time for DUI.

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What if I have a DUI and want to get Maryland car insurance?

Before determining your eligibility for a rate or your driving record, car insurance companies will review your credit score, marital status, age, and other factors. Although you may be able to get car insurance after a DUI conviction, your premium will be much higher than if the DUI was not a factor.

Are there discounts for DUI-related car insurance?

After being convicted of DUI, your car insurance premium can still be discounted. Different discounts are offered by different companies so it is worth researching. A company that offers multiple discounts could help you lower your premium.