Finding car insurance in Michigan after a DUI

DUI offenses anywhere in the United States can make it difficult for drivers. They also face higher car insurance premiums, and more problems with policy renewals. Michigan’s DUI violations can lead to an increase in car insurance rates of up to 183 percent, which is higher than the national average of 99 percent. A DUI is a serious offense on your driving record and makes you a high risk driver. Insurers are more likely to deny you insurance. It doesn’t matter if you have ever been involved in a DUI case in Michigan. However, it is important to know the consequences, insurance premium hikes, and other inconveniences that this type of violation could cause.

Michigan DUI laws

Michigan is a zero tolerance state. However, it has the highest DUI-related crashes and violations in the country. Two categories of alcohol-related traffic offenses in Michigan are operating under the influence (OWI), and operating while visibly impaired. The first is a more severe conviction. It occurs when someone drives after inhaling illegal drugs or having a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or greater.

For OWI offenses in Michigan, there are several criminal punishment. A first offense of DUI can result in a sentence of jail time of 93 Days (180 for blood alcohol content greater than 0.17%), community service of up 360 hours, and a fine between $100 and $500. A driver’s license suspension may be possible for up to 90 days.

Repeat offenses can result in jail sentences of anywhere from one to five years and fines up to $5,000. Repeated offenses require immobilization, which can take anywhere from six months to three years. Additional penalties will apply if a minor is in the vehicle. This includes an increase in jail sentence and possibly a few hundred more dollars in fines.

Michigan DUI and your Michigan car insurance

A Michigan DUI conviction can have a lasting impact on your car insurance policy. Insurers consider your driving record as one of the main factors in determining the premium. A DUI makes you a high risk driver, which results in higher rates. Car insurance premiums are based on risk. The higher your chances of causing an accident, the higher your premiums.

A DUI conviction usually results in a rise in premiums. After a DUI conviction, the average rate for full-coverage car insurance is $1674. This rate increases to $3,336 after being charged with DUI. Comparatively, Michigan’s average car-insurance rate is $2,309 while the post-DUI price could be as high as $6,544.

Other than the higher cost, some insurance providers might refuse to renew your policy. Switching insurers can also be difficult. Your insurance provider will file an SR-22 form with the DMV for you to reinstate your license. This is a certificate that proves you have the coverage you need. If your current insurance company is not able to provide this service, you can request another company to file your SR-22 form.

After a Michigan DUI, you can find car insurance

It can be difficult to get affordable coverage after a DUI in Michigan. However, there are many national insurers that offer options for high-risk drivers. There are several insurance companies that can offer Michigan drivers competitive rates after a DUI. These include Progressive, USAA and State Farm. Michigan is a high-cost state for car insurance, even for drivers with perfect driving records. However, it is possible to save money by practicing safe driving habits and building up a track record.

Progressive has the lowest rates for full coverage in Michigan after a DUI. It costs around $2,067. USAA is close behind at $2,126. After a DUI in Michigan, the rates for State Farm are slightly more expensive at $2,481. Auto-Owners and Travelers cost around $2,684 and $2906. These insurers offer discounts that could help reduce your premiums. Michigan is a state of zero tolerance. A DUI in Michigan will affect your insurance coverage and premiums.

Questions frequently asked

What does a DUI do to my Michigan criminal record?

Michigan is a state that has zero tolerance for DUI convictions. This means that a DUI conviction will remain on your record for the rest of your life. This could make it difficult to obtain affordable car insurance and may be a problem when you apply for certain jobs or rent apartments.

What is the Michigan SR-22?

Your insurance company must file an SR-22 form to notify the DMV if your license was revoked due to a DUI conviction. This is a declaration of financial accountability which will allow you to re-register your license.

What can I do to lower my insurance costs after a DUI conviction?

It is possible to lower your car insurance costs after a DUI in Michigan by practicing good driving habits and taking advantage of discounts. However, your driving record will still be an issue.